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Young people worldwide are leading cultural change and peaceful global activism and challenging power structures at every level of society. The engagement of youth is particularly important in the prevention of child abuse and neglect, and ISPCAN is committed to including young people in the work we do.

Our objective in developing this new Youth Participation Working Group is to provide a space for youth/ young people (18 years and older) and others – practitioners and professionals working in the field – to connect and contribute ideas and resources on the topic of youth participation. We encourage ISPCAN members as well as nonmembers to subscribe to this page and share ideas or resources with our team. We welcome participants from all disciplines and with varied experiences.

ISPCAN also offer young people the opportunity to gather at every regional and international congress, where we we work with our local partner to organize a Youth Forum Day. This event is for young adults ages 18-25 to discuss and address child maltreatment and child protection topics of interest in the region. Information about Youth Forums for specific Congresses is available under “Congresses” on the ISPCAN home page.

Convener: Sue Bennett, ISPCAN Councilor; please contact [email protected]


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