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ISPCAN’s Working Groups address a wide spectrum child abuse and neglect topics.  The Working Groups aim to increase awareness, promote prevention strategies, clarify issues related to definitions, and facilitate consistency in data collection and measurement. Interested ISPCAN members as well as nonmembers are encouraged to join the group. We welcome participants from all disciplines and with varied experiences addressing specific cases, policy questions, data collection, resources, or anything that challenges you or excites you about advancements in this area.

Convener: Peter van der Linden, ISPCAN Councilor

Key Definitions

Key Resources/Research


Key Research 

Greenbaum, J., Crawford-Jakubiak, J. E., Committee on Child Abuse and Neglect. (2015). Child sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation: Health care needs of victims. Pediatrics, 135(3). Abstract: Child sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) are major public health problems in the United States and throughout the world. Despite large numbers of American and foreign youth affected and a plethora of serious physical and mental health problems associated with CSEC, there is limited information available to pediatricians regarding the nature and scope of human trafficking and how pediatricians and other health care providers may help protect children. Knowledge of risk factors, recruitment practices, possible indicators of CSEC, and common medical and behavioral health problems experienced by victims will help pediatricians recognize potential victims and respond appropriately. As health care providers, educators, and leaders in child advocacy, pediatricians play an essential role in addressing the public health issues faced by child victims of CSEC. Their roles can include working to increase recognition of CSEC, providing direct care and anticipatory guidance related to CSEC, engaging in collaborative efforts with medical and nonmedical colleagues to provide for the complex needs of youth, and educating child-serving professionals and the public.

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Key Definitions
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Human Trafficking Resources Database
It can often be difficult to locate up-to-date information and reliable resources on human trafficking. In response, ISPCAN, in collaboration with American Orthopsychiatric Association, along with key volunteers, is offering an easy-to-understand database categorizing and summarizing existing resources on labor and sex trafficking of children and adults, as well as the trafficking of organs and body parts.

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