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There is an increasing recognition of the benefits of studying child fatalities to ascertain why children die and whether some of these deaths might be preventable. ISPCAN’s Working Group on Child Death Review assesses the public health response and systems in place regarding the examination of unexpected child death in order to uncover abuse and neglect and establish better prevention measures within a country’s child protection system.

This Working Group frequently meets at ISPCAN Congresses and these sessions are open to anyone with a professional interest in seeking to undertake high-quality reviews of child deaths. The meeting is typically run in a workshop format, using case examples to share approaches to the review of child deaths.

ISPCAN members as well as nonmembers interested are encouraged to engage with this group by subscribing to this page, starting a conversation in the Forum below, or submitting a resource or report. We welcome participants from all disciplines and with varied experiences.

To learn more about the CDR process, the importance of a multi-sector approach, and the elements of an effective CDR team, please click on this link to a view a CDR module developed by Joan van Niekerk, ISPCAN past president: Child Death Review Module

Convener: Fujiko Yamada, ISPCAN Councilor

If you have questions about this group, please contact [email protected].

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