Jane Estes is originally from St Louis Missouri and is currently living in Colorado.  She has degrees from Western Illinois University, majoring in Business Management and Marketing.  Jane has worked in corporations for the majority of her career and has held the position of Divisional Vice President for Eddie Bauer Inc., supervising 13 states and 3 provinces in Canada.  Her work involved relating to people from all backgrounds and nationalities, marketing effectively to build the brand across a diverse population, manage community development funds, and understand marketing & trends.   Additionally, she has held many volunteer positions and successfully fundraised for various community organizations.  Jane brings with her a long history and understanding of corporate America, fundraising and relationship building.  She is ready to shift gears to a more mission driven type of work, especially one based around children’s rights.


Jane is the mother of 4 and lives with her husband and 3 teenage children.  Tragically she lost her daughter at the age of 8 to a fatal form of brain cancer.  It is through this loss that her interest in supporting organizations that focus on children’s issues began.  By joining the Denver office for ISPCAN, Jane will have the opportunity to use her skills and experiences to make a difference in the lives of children around the globe.