Dr. Esmah Lahlah is working as an Assistant Professor in the field of child victimology at the International Victimology Institute Tilburg (INTERVICT) at Tilburg University. She holds a degree in developmental psychology (Tilburg University) and has specialized in research on child victimization and juvenile offending, with a particular focus on child abuse and neglect.

She has published several peer-reviewed articles on child maltreatment, domestic violence and parent-child relationships and has spoken at several international and national congresses about her research on child abuse within the Moroccan-Dutch community.

Furthermore, she has been involved in several (research) projects as national expert on (addressing) child abuse within the Moroccan-Dutch community. She has been involved as expert / consult in the (research) project ‘Dubbel voorkomen’, which focused on preventing child abuse and subsequent problem behavior of Moroccan-Dutch youngsters. In her latest project involvement ‘Matqiesh Awladi’ she has reflected on child abuse within the Moroccan-Dutch culture and has addressed the issue of high-conflict divorces within the Moroccan community and the impact on children.

With ISPCAN, she participated in the scientific committee of ISPCAN’s international congress in Calgary and is member of ISPCAN’s international working group on data collection.
Recently, she is elected ISPCAN councilor.

She holds several board positions:

  • Chair of the board Stichting Blauwe Maan, a Dutch organisation which offers help to victims of sexual assault
  • Member of the advisory board of Stichting Kinderpostzegels, a Dutch organisation working to support the development of vulnerable children
  • Member of the advisory group of Qliq Primair, a Dutch association of 13 primary schools in Helmond
  • Secretary of the Netherlands Society for the prevention of child abuse and neglect (NESPCAN)