Ms. Pragathi Tummala is a senior level public health expert and has been the Executive Director of ISPCAN, an international nonprofit organization for the past 2 years. ISPCAN has members in over 100 countries, and is governed by a board of 19 global experts in the field of child abuse and neglect. The secretariat is based in Denver, CO in the USA.  Pragathi oversees the all programmatic, web development, communication, strategic planning, operational and financial aspects of the organization. ISPCAN has a global membership program, conferences program, fundraising and partnerships program, and conducts marketing and resource development for a global network of over 1200 members. She oversees 4 regional resource centers located in Argentina, Saudi Arabia, S. Africa and India. Additionally, ISPCAN has 24 country partners and has MOU’s with 6 sister international agencies for which they coordinate various programs.

Pragathi has over twelve years of experience designing, developing, and managing health and wellness programs. She has extensive Project Management experience and has worked with a diverse group of stakeholders in the community, as well as private, academic and public sectors to develop innovative programs. Her leadership in securing grants, in kind donations, writing technical reports, and managing grant funding has helped build programs and maximize funding opportunities.  Of note, she has extensive experience building effective collaborative relationships, problem solving, mentoring and developing staff, and executing programs on schedule and within budget. Prior to taking on leadership/management roles, Pragathi was responsible for policy work leading to the enactment of state legislation protecting children from lead poisoning, working with diverse communities and has broad public health experience working in lead poisoning prevention, state and federal Superfund sites, chronic disease management, employee wellness programs, strategic planning, grant writing, and building unique training/fellowship programs within the workplace to improve productivity and employee engagement.

Pragathi holds a dual Bachelors Degree in Biology and Religion from Boston University and a Masters Degree in Public Health from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. She has won numerous awards as an author, a leader, a team player, and an individual contributor. Ms. Tummala has the interpersonal skills and strong technical background that make it possible to effectively work with customers and produce high level results. On a personal note, she is the mother of three daughters, has a yellow Labrador retriever named Blue, and has been married for twenty six years. She is an avid reader, enjoys sports, action movies, and spending time with her family.