Our overall goal is to enhance the capacities of stakeholders (professionals) and communities working for child protection who in turn can play a vital role in understanding child maltreatment and adopt a scientific, evidence based approach for preventing, and providing therapeutic services to children abused, neglected or exploited.

ISPCAN Asian online Resource Centre will feature culturally sensitive and relevant resources in the form of digital modules, online training and E- learning facilities and organization of webinar.

The main contents of the website are:

  • Basic and advanced facts on child abuse and neglect.
  • Resources on prevention and response strategy to child abuse.
  • Contact information of service providers.
  • Statistical data.
  • Research articles.
  • Child protection systems, assessment tools,
  • Children and law.
  • IEC(Information, education and communication materials)
  • Online live chat with experts
  • Webinar.
  • Stakeholders can also undergo basic and advanced child protection paid courses in the near future.

Ultimately, the goal of ISPCAN Asian online Resource Center is to pilot and refine effective approaches to prevent, identify and treat violence against and exploitation of children, develop and strengthen multidisciplinary stakeholder team work, improve public awareness and advance policy and legislation to protect the rights of the child.
2016 Highlights

  • Completed online directory for helpline numbers for each country in the region
  • Created a network of resource sharing with 19 countries to make materials available through website
  • Conducted two trainings on positive discipline for creche workers in the state of Tamil Nadu, India
  • Conducted two workshops on child protection and non-intuitional services covering 24 districts in Tamil Nadu, India