Keeping children safe – Musical Child Abuse Prevention Program

Welcome to the My Body Is My Body Musical Child Abuse Prevention Programme. It is one of the most successful, positive and fun filled musical child abuse prevention programs around, and has now been animated so that it can be shared with children in schools, nursery schools and homes alike. The programme is FREE to everyone and I am working to get the program translated into several different languages so we can keep children around the world safer.

The My Body Is My Body Musical Programme offers a non threatening soft approach to this difficult and sensitive subject. Approaching young children in a positive manner about Child Abuse Prevention can be a daunting prospect for most parents, teachers and carers.
The fun songs in this programme allow you to engage with the children in a simple and positive way.

The most important part of this programme is that the children will remember the songs and the message, and you will be opening the lines of communication for them. Being able to talk about their feelings and problems will be a big step towards combating child abuse.