Access online scientific program

The online program linked above is searchable. The program is now FINAL. We have tried our best to accommodate time zones for presenting authors who are drastically different than Quebec City (EDT). Most presentations will be live, but we have a few pre-recorded sessions from authors who could not attend live.

All times listed for the program are in EDT so please do your own conversion. Quebec City has experienced Daylight savings change so please base your local time on this information.

We will be utilizing the CHIME platform so everyone must be registered to have their “credentials and unique link” to get in. Once you login you can explore the program, star the sessions they want to attend (create a personal agenda), message other delegates, and explore the Youth forum, the posters and all the other content.

ALL registered delegates will have access to recorded, on-demand content within 24 hours after each session, and for the 2 weeks following the congress using your log in credentials on the CHIME platform. Thank you for being part of the congress and we hope you enjoy the experience!

Download and print full program


Once you receive your credentials, please log in and view all the ways you can engage or get assistance, even learn how to use the platform (see below)

Authors will have access to the CHIME platform one week prior to the congress (when we will also have scheduled testing sessions) for you to join and test your computers with the AV technicians to help trouble shoot any issues. Please check the author tab for further instructions, times and connection links.

This program is now FINAL and now built into a virtual platform called CHIME where we can have interactive features, a dashboard, videos, gamification to allow our poster award voting contest and Youth Forum Art auction to all come to life.  The meeting system behind CHIME is zoom so once you connect to a session through our new dashboard that you will soon get the credentials for, it will feel very familiar.

ALL cameras will be on for the sessions so we can see one another.  We will be having live questions in every session so please be prepared to engage fully!


Access online scientific program

The image shown here demonstrates how your can use the AT A GLANCE tab shown in the top left corner of the site to see an overview for each day.  It will give you a sense of the flow and the session start and end times.  You can click on “View xxx day in detail” at the bottom right to see more once you connect to the live program in the button above.  Again these are just pictures to show you how to navigate the online program.

Use the search icon on the top right corner to search by an author first name, last name, title of talk, a general topic of interest, etc.   It is a good way to find your own presentations if you are an author or to find special interests if you are keen on a particular master class, speaker or session.