No matter where you are in life, choosing to leave a bequest to ISPCAN can be create a lasting legacy.  With your gift, you can create an endowment, a scholarship fund, or help change entire systems of care for children in countries all over the world.

Please contact us to be informed about the different options.

For your notary or legal adviser:
To ensure that your legacy to ISPCAN reaches its destination, please make sure that the beneficiary details are incorporated correctly.

ISPCAN is located at 12200 E Iliff Avenue Suite 103, Aurora, CO USA 80014

ISPCAN is a U.S. 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded to support the mission and goals of preventing and treating child abuse and neglect. Our EIN Identification number is 84-0743126.

We thank you for your generosity and commitment to ending violence against children in every form and in every nation around the world.  We are one humanity and responsible for the little people who cannot speak up and stand up to injustice.  Every child deserves the chance for happiness and a full life.

In peace and gratitude,


Tribute Form

Many people are victims of abuse or neglect, shown tremendous courage and overcome many obstacles to build a wonderful life with the help of many along the way.  If you are a survivor, or are a child protection professional who has dedicated your life to helping children please consider making a tribute or legacy plan that includes ISPCAN so we can continue to help build a strong global child protection workforce to continue this great work.

Your gift is priceless for children everywhere to have hope that there will one day be a world free from violence and that every child has the chance to just be a kid.