Since 1982, ISPCAN has published World Perspectives on Child Abuse every two years, releasing it in conjunction with its International Congresses.

Capturing what’s happening related to child abuse and neglect in every country in the world is an ambitious goal, but World Perspectives offers a valuable glimpse into this problem in many countries as well as an opportunity to track trends and progress and, hopefully, provide information that professionals find useful as they work to fight and prevent child maltreatment in all its forms.

Working with professionals with knowledge of country-level data, we are able to collect information on individual countries through a comprehensive online survey. In addition to profiling individual countries, we analyze the data by geographic region and income-level categories to uncover some striking commonalities and differences. Finally, appendices include contact information for many of the respondents, the survey itself, and a list of major international agencies and ISPCAN Country Partners involved in addressing child abuse and neglect.

If you’d like to contribute to the next World Perspectives, please contact Jane here.