ISPCAN’s 2nd Denver Thinking Space, Preventing Child Sexual Abuse – Working with Boys and Men, was held at our headquarters in Denver, Colorado, March 13-14, 2013.

Child sexual abuse is a major worldwide public health issue with significant but preventable adverse effects on the child’s physical and mental health and on national economic productivity. The purpose of the Thinking Space is to better address how boys and men from different countries and cultures can prevent child sexual abuse.

Selected local, national, and international multidisciplinary experts representing the fields of law, judiciary, medical and human/social services will gather at the ISPCAN office on the Children’s Hospital Colorado campus to exchange ideas, examine published literature from various countries, and ultimately define a foundation for better cross-cultural approaches to working with boys and men to prevent child sexual abuse.

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Denver Thinking Space Resources:
Final Paper: Working with Men and Boys – A Child Protection Strategy
A Report of the ISPCAN Denver Thinking Space 2013
For a quick review of the most important aspects of this issue and white paper, please check out: Augeo Magazine: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: Working with Men & Boys

Executive Summary of the Final Paper (PDF):
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Phase 1 Paper (PDF)
Executive Summary of the Phase I Paper (PDF):
Denver Thinking Space:
The Survey>>>

Phase 2 Paper Appendix 8 Presentations:
Keynote Presentation: Dr. Eileen Vizard – The nature and status of the evidence on the prevention of child sexual abuse by men & boys (PDF)
Presentation: Jenny Gray & Joan van Niekerk – Legislating for Prevention (PDF)

Presentation: Alberto Pellai: An example of an evidence based child abuse prevention programme and the development of an evidence base (PDF)

Other Resources Related to Child Sexual Abuse:

Article: Ryan, G. (1999). Childhood Sexuality: A Decade of Study. Part I Research and Curriculum Development. Elsevier Science Ltd.
Article: Ryan, G. (2000). Perpetration Prevention: Forgotten Frontier in Sexuality Education and Research. Siecus Report: Vol 26 No 4
Article: Ryan, G. (2005). Preventing Violence and Trauma in the Next Generation. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. 20(1).
Article: Vizard, E. (2013). Practitioner Review: The victims and juvenile perpetrators of child sexual abuse-assessment and intervention. JCPP online. 12 Feb 2013.
Chapter on situational sexual abuse: Situational Theories (PDF)
Comments: A framework on which to build a research-based prevention agenda with a focus on boys (PDF)
Documentary on sexually abused boys in Brazil. Part of Dr. Jean Von Hohendorff’s Master Thesis>>>
Policy: South Africa – CHILDREN’S ACT 38 OF 2005 (PDF)
Policy Document (still in draft) on the implementation of Prevention and Early Intervention Programmes
Paper: Schorr, L. & Farrow, F. (2011). Expanding the Evidence Universe: Doing Better by Knowing More (PDF)
Presentation: An example of a broad based programme focussing on men’s health primarily but also containing messages about behaviour and violence, including sexual violence and male entitlement (PDF)
Presentation: Brown, J. – 4 NSPCC Programs (PDF)
Presentation: Findlater, D. – Preventing Child Sexual Abuse –Towards a Comprehensive Approach (PDF)
Report: National Quality Improvement Center on Non-Resident Fathers and the Child Welfare System (PDF)
Report: Rape Perpetration: A Review (PDF)
Website: Glenn Miles, Asia Community Building Facilitator with Love146 in Cambodia: Good touch, Bad touch>>>