International Webinar Series

  • November 2019: The Out of the Shadows Index: Digging Into the Data
  • August 20, 2019: “Human Trafficking: Shooting Our Wounded and How to Stop” with Celia Williamson
  • June 18, 2019: “Transporting a Parenting Program to Prevent Violence against Children” with Ashley Stewart-Tufescu
  • May 7, 2019: “Child Abuse and Children with Disabilities: Prevention Strategies and Protective Factors” with Shabina Ahmed
  • April  2, 2019: “The Institution: Child Sexual Abuse and Victim Blaming” with Roger Canaff
  • March 2019: “ISPCAN & Childhub: Burnout in the Child Welfare Profession” with Emina Borjanić Bolić
  • February 2019: “The Importance of Social Media in the Communications Strategies of NGOs” with Carlyle Grant and Stephen Reid
  • January 2019: Introducing ICAST for Mobile Devices” with Logan Stec Hyder

Journal Club (featuring research articles from Child Abuse and Neglect: The International Journal)

  • November 2019: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the UNCRC
  • October 2019: Journal Club: “Innovative Methodological and Statistical Approaches to the Study of Child Maltreatment” with Joy Gabrielli
  • August 8, 2019: Journal Club: “Child Sexual Abuse, Disclosure, and PTSD: Safer Responses to Disclosure” with Jill McTavish and Harriet MacMillan
  • May 31, 2019: Journal Club: “A Meta-Analysis of the Prevalence of Child Sexual Abuse Disclosure in Forensic Settings” with Sheri Madigan, Corry Azzopardi, and Rachel Eirich
  • April 29, 2019: Journal Club: “Special Issue on Education & Learning in the Context of Abuse, Neglect, & Related Stressors” with Shanta R. Dube
  • March 2019: Journal Club: “Spanking and Adult Mental Health Impairment: The Case for the Designation of Spanking as an Adverse Childhood Experience” with Tracie Afifi
  • February 2019: Journal Club: “Social Media and Knowledge Mobilization: The Case of Twitter and Sexual Violence Prevention” with Christine Wekerle


  • October 2018: “It’s Not Just About Sex: Child Trafficking Around the World” with Jordan Greenbaum
  • July 2018: “Positive Parenting” with Jenny Gray
  • June 2018: “The Role of the Health Sector in the Identification and the Referral of Child Abuse Cases” with Figen Sahin Dagli
  • May 2018: “The Vulnerability and Protection of Child Rights Professionals” with Dusica Popadic
  • April 2018: “Psychological Maltreatment: A Central Issue in Violence Against Children” with APSAC
  • March 2018: “High-Conflict Divorce as a Form of Child Abuse” with Esmah Lahlah
  • February 2018: “Child Safeguarding in Faith-Based Settings” with Maryam Ehsani


  • September 2017: “Part 2: Work with Children and Youth with Sexually Abusive Behaviour” with Joan van Niekerk
  • August 2017: “A Public Health Approach to the Rehabilitation of Street Children” with Rajeev Seth
  • July 2017: “Part 1: Work with Children and Youth with Sexually Abusive Behaviour” with Joan van Niekerk
  • June 2017: “The Children’s Advocacy Center/Barnahus Model: International Expansion of a Coordinated Multidisciplinary Approach to Child Abuse” with Bragi Gudbrandsson, Peter van der Linden, and Chris Newlin
  • May 2017: “My Body is My Body” with Chrissy Sykes
  • April 2017: “A Strategy for Integrating Effective Legal Interventions in Child Maltreatment Cases” with Henry Plum
  • March 2017: “Cyberbullying” with Dr. Bernard Gerbaka, ISPCAN President
  • February 2017: “Children’s Rights and Child Protection” with Dr. Yanghee Lee 
  • January 2017 : “Refugee and Displaced Children-Global Strategies to Help” with Bernard Gerbaka, Joan van Niekerk, and Rajeev Seth



  • August 2018“Child Maltreatment Risk: Predictive Validity of Risk Assessment Instruments”
  • July 2018: “Recurrence and Recividism: The Dilemmas”