Introduction and Purpose

ISPCAN’s mission is to support individuals and organizations working to protect children from child abuse and neglect worldwide. Access to optimal learning opportunities for these professionals is key to child protection. Drawing on the expertise of its members around the world, ISPCAN has developed a number of training-related resources in order to:

  • Support the provision of high-quality, effective learning opportunities on child abuse and neglect worldwide
  • Promote the UNCRC General Comment 13: The right of the child to freedom from all forms of violence
  • Strengthen the tools for good practice in the development, delivery, and evaluation of training programs on child abuse and neglect.


ISPCAN’s training-related resources are intended for use by trainers and participants around the world who are responsible for:

  • Developing and/or delivering training on child abuse and neglect
  • Evaluating, reviewing, or quality-assuring training on child abuse and neglect

They are also relevant to sponsors of training on child abuse and neglect.

Overview of Resources

A brief description of each of the resources is provided below, followed by a table that shows the relevancy of resources by audience.

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