Mini Conferences (In-person Training Workshops with Customized Topics) 2018-09-07T02:44:26+00:00

Host a Mini-Conference

Cost should not get in the way of protecting children. If you are an ISPCAN member and would like to host a one- or two-day event on a specific topic in your region, ISPCAN will provide an expert trainer at no cost.

If you are interested in hosting a mini-conference,

Our NEW MINI CONFERENCE is for you! Partner with ISPCAN by finding a donated space and sponsors, and we’ll provide the expert and take care of the rest. Join us in bringing critical training to communities that need it most, at low or no cost to attendees. Intimate groups of 50-100 on proposed topic.

Mini Conference Expression of Interest

If you are a member, you can request a mini conference training on a specific topic in your region. Please provide all the required information below. Thank you!
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