ISPCAN MEMBERS: Host a FREE Training Workshop with ISPCAN !

Cost should not get in the way of protecting children. If you are an ISPCAN member and would like to host a one-day event for a small group (50-100 people) on a specific topic in your region, our Training Workshop is for you! Find a donated space and sponsors, and we’ll provide an expert trainer for no fee and take care of the rest. We ask that travel and accommodations for the trainer be covered.

We can provide a trainer for any discipline and on just about any topic related to child maltreatment. Here are some of the areas of expertise of our trainers:

  • Positive parenting
  • Therapeutic responses for abused children and families
  • Multidisciplinary approach and training
  • ICAST and data collection
  • CAN prevention
  • Domestic violence
  • Child protection systems
  • Child trafficking and exploitation
  • Medical evaluation and treatment of child sexual abuse
  • Court preparation for child witnesses

If you are requesting ISPCAN to consult or do a more in-depth training, you can also submit this request, but please note there may be a FEE involved.

Training Workshop Request Form

If you are a member, you can request a training on a specific topic in your region. Please provide all the required information below. Thank you!
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