Global Government Response to Slavery Database

Extensive database listing various country’s responses to modern slavery– including children.

Global Slavery Index - Walk Free FoundationEnglish
Human Rights Resources

Resource library, databases, reports, fact sheets, education and training materials, policy documents from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on a variety of topics related to human rights, which provides information of interest to Governments, national institutions, civil society, the general public and the media to raise awareness about human rights and fundamental freedoms.

United Nations Human Rights Office English, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese
Child Helpline International Resources

Reports, publications, glossary, manuals, and toolkits supporting child abuse and neglect prevention.

Child Helpline InternationalMostly English, some materials in Spanish, Arabic, Russian, French
Global Issues Affecting Childhood

Scientific publications, policy briefs, infographics, fact sheets, and educational materials concerning the global issues affecting childhood, including healthcare, education, child marriage, and legal rights.

World Policy Center English, Fact sheets in Spanish & French
Child Labor Resources

Scientific publications, policy briefs, infographics, fact sheets, and educational materials concerning the global issue of child labor

World Policy Center English, Fact sheets in Spanish & French
Research, Training, & Webinars

The CPC Learning Network convenes academics, policymakers, and practitioners to promote innovative research, nurture communities of learning, and build the next generation of researchers and advocates for children

The CPC Learning NetworkEnglish
Online Publications

International research, policy, and insight published by PLAN International

PLAN InternationalEnglish
Victim Services Courses

Offers a number of courses and webinars for mental health providers, victim and family advocates and a number of other professionals working with children and families healing from abuse.

The (US) Midwest Regional Children's Advocacy CentersEnglish
Child Victimweb

Child Victimweb is a multimedia, online training resource designed for professionals from all disciplines who work with children and adolescents who have experienced or witnessed serious violence. This course describes:

  • The prevalence and characteristics of different forms of victimization often experienced in childhood;
  • The psychological, behavioral, social, and health consequences, and implications for practice;
  • Assessment strategies, evidence-based approach to treatment planning, trauma-informed case management skills, and information about evidence-supported treatments.

Global Campaign for Violence Prevention

Publications and policy documents that have been developed to guide violence prevention (VP) participation and activities around the world. Representatives from founding and other highly active VP participant organizations have drafted, commented on, and approved these documents as essential for the functioning of VP and reflecting the consensus reached between participant organizations.

World Health OrganizationEnglish
CALiO Child Abuse Library Online

A library for CAN prevention professionals, including a collection of articles, government documents, reports, websites, and more from around the world. They are from government agencies, NGOs, and other research agencies and include resources in languages other than English. The National Children’s Advocacy Center cannot verify the veracity of evidence upon which the listed resources are based. Listing of documents here should not be interpreted as validation or recommendation. The resources are listed first by general international, then by continent, followed by country.

National Children's Advocacy Center English (Several Other languages provided for some resources)
AGORA Online Training

UNICEF online training portal – Globally supporting all UNICEF’s learning opportunities, including training in many topics in abuse and neglect prevention

UNICEF English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese
Global Database on Child Growth and Malnutrition

The A-Z country list allows users to select a country, view and print available child malnutrition data and reference tables (in pdf).The data table provides the detailed analysis results based on the WHO child growth standards with the prevalences below and above defined cut-off points for weight-for-age, height-for-age, weight-for-height and body mass index (BMI)-for-age; and estimates stratified by age and sex, rural/urban residence and regions.

World Health Organization English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, French
Child Maltreatment Publications & Resources

Fact sheet, toolkit, handbook, and guide for preventing and taking action on child maltreatment.

World Health Organization English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, French
State of the World’s Children

Reports on global child welfare and migrant children.

UNICEF English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese
Child Health Topics

Reports, Articles, Publications, Fact Sheets on global child health topics.

World Health Organization English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, French
Youth Violence

Articles, tip sheets, and reports on best practices and current data on youth violence.

US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention English
Essentials for Childhood

The Essentials for Childhood Framework is intended for communities committed to the positive development of children and families, and specifically to the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Includes facts sheets, and training and educational materials.

US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention English
Child Fund Alliance Resources

Reports, Publications, Infographics, Fact Sheets, Tools for global reporting on child welfare

Child Fund Alliance English (some)Spanish
Child Welfare E-Courses

Several online course offerings on child welfare topics including sex trafficking screening, responding to effects of trauma, foster and adoptive family training.

Colorado Child Welfare Training System English
Data & Research

ACF data, fact sheets, and reports examine issues and highlight various programs that improve the lives of America’s most vulnerable children, families, communities and individuals.

Administration for Children & FamiliesEnglish
Child Welfare Information Gateway

Publications, Articles, US State Directories for Child Services, Podcasts, Library and more.

Child Welfare Information Gateway English/Spanish
Child Abuse Prevention Month Resources

Community-building best practices for child protection and abuse prevention, including tip sheets for care-givers and parents promoting children’s well-being.

U.S. Dept of Health and Human ServicesEnglish/Spanish