ISPCAN brings together the country, regional and global organizations with the influence, expertise and resources required to transform how child abuse and neglect is prevented and treated worldwide.

No one institution, organization or government can tackle these issues in isolation; it is only through working in partnership that we can work towards eradicating these issues.   Partner collaboration is the key to deliver real change because a broad coalition of dedicated multidisciplinary partners is essential to the protection of children everywhere.  

ISPCAN International Partners

ISPCAN believes that effective and sustainable CAN prevention can be achieved through education and professional cooperation with global like-minded organizations working together to reach our common goals to protect children from all forms of abuse and neglect in all corners of the world.

Together we are stronger. 

ISPCAN Country Partners

ISPCAN’s Country Partners are national, multidisciplinary organizations working in child abuse and neglect (CAN) prevention with whom we share experiences, research, and resources in an effort to augment efforts at local, national, and regional levels to end child maltreatment.

We believe that effective and sustainable CAN prevention is achieved through education and professional cooperation. 

ISPCAN Collaborative Cohorts/Networks

ISPCAN collaborates with child abuse and neglect prevention organizations around the world forming strategic cohorts to ensure that duplication of efforts is eliminated and resources are shared.

These networks aims to further the common mission, goals and programs of leading CAN organization to ensure the protection of children around the globe.

ISPCAN Financial Partners

ISPCAN’s impact would not be possible without the support of our members, councilors and generous financial sponsors through their donations or in kind services that help support the work we do.    

You make it all possible.