Become an ISPCAN Global Leader

Consider serving on our ISPCAN Board of Directors or our newly created ISPCAN Distinguished Advisory Council. Support ISPCAN while bringing your career to a global platform and giving back to the world wide community.  Our frontline professionals all over the world make it possible for children to have the chance to become healthy, productive adults.  We change systems of care, elevate research and practice by creating a community of learning, support, and knowledge transfer.

Board of Directors 

Nominations are invited for 3 ISPCAN member vacancies of the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN) board for the 4 yr term from Jan 2023-Dec 2026. New Board Members will be voted in by the membership of ISPCAN. 

***Please note that all eligible Board Candidates for the member vacancies must have a current ISPCAN membership for the past two consecutive years prior to the election. 

-Nomination period: Nov. 15-Dec. 31, 2022

-Voting period: Jan 2-15, 2023

-Results announced: Jan 17, 2023

Our board is made up of Ispcan members and business leaders. The second way to join our board is a rolling process for leaders from various industries. We are looking for up to 4 leaders from the business community to bring additional diversity of thought to our board.
These business leaders will be vetted by our current board of directors and Executive Director and voted in by the board.  

What are we looking for in our Board members?

We are looking for experienced professionals who have a passion for leadership and bring a variety of expertise, resources, strategic thinking and connections to benefit ISPCAN. We encourage members from all regions to apply who have a passion to bring forward opportunities to secure the financial stability of the organization. The duties of care, loyalty and obedience through fundraising, financial and human management, communications and marketing, training, and strategic planning are especially encouraged.

What does a Board member do?

  • Bring passion, energy and strong belief in the mission and organization to innovate and take forward ideas and partnerships
  • Fundraise through your networks and contacts in your region and globally
  • Have no conflict of interest serving as a board member or fundraising for other child protection organizations
  • Donate every year to ISPCAN to support the mission and believe in the organization
  • Bring diversity of thought, and work in a democratic board with global diversity in conjunction with the CEO and staff
  • Serve as Ambassadors for their regions and help promote membership, events and congresses
  • Attend in person congresses
  • Be willing to donate typically 2 hours/month for fundraising, cultivating partnerships and providing key strategic input
  • Participate in international board meetings in person once a year (combined with a congress) , e-voting on new and improved measures for the organization, and help determine new strategic directions. Also attend quarterly virtual meetings.
  • Donate in kind time to the organization in the way of providing training, webinars, grant writing, and educational resources.
  • Must abide by ISPCAN Child Safeguarding, code of conduct, and conflict of interest policies
  • Confirm to having no civil or criminal history, adjudications or findings of having committed crimes against children or violent crimes against others.
  • Serve a 4 year term

Each candidate must complete:

  • An Online Nominee Form that also requires the attachment of 2 Letters of Recommendation.
  • Newly elected board members must attend an orientation.

ISPCAN Board of Directors Job Description
ISPCAN Board of Directors Application Form
Current Terms for the Board of Directors

Distinguished Advisory Council

Maybe fundraising is not your thing, but you believe in our cause and want to help. Do you have time and passion to dedicate to ISPCAN? Now is your chance to help improve the conditions and opportunities for our front line workers working tirelessly to prevent child abuse and neglect all over the world.  We are looking for diverse minds, skill sets, and energy to help us with everything from IT, legal, business, software, translations, child abuse and neglect content expertise, administrative, accounting, public relations, social media marketing, graphic design and much more.  You serve a 2 year term and can propose the ways you can help us based on your interests and skills.

-Applications accepted on a rolling basis

-Must include a project to benefit members or provide a clear in kind contribution to ISPCAN

What is the ISPCAN Distinguished Advisory Council? 

The ISPCAN Distinguished Advisory Council (DAC) shall provide non-binding strategic advice to the ISPCAN
Board of Directors and the ED and staff. The DAC does not have the authority to vote on ISPCAN corporate
matters or bear legal fiduciary responsibilities to ISPCAN or the ISPCAN Board of Directors. They will be
convened annually either virtually or in person by the Executive Committee at least once a year as a group
to harness the ideas and strengths to benefit ISPCAN. Individually they can attend committee meetings
and directly consult with the board as requested.

Who can join the ISPCAN Distinguished Advisory Council?

The DAC is comprised of individuals who have specialized knowledge and experience in matters which will
assist the staff and ISPCAN Board of Directors. These areas of particular expertise include but are not
limited to expertise in child abuse and neglect, International finance, international fundraising activities
and strategies, national fundraising activities and strategy, Information Technology (IT), non-profit
corporate responsibilities, marketing, technology development, publishing, and other areas of expertise.

Terms are 2 years (max 4 years)

Any in-kind expertise to benefit the organization

No required meetings or fundraising involved

Distinguished Advisory Council Job Description
Distinguished Advisory Council Nomination Form
Current Terms of Distinguished Advisory Council (coming soon)

See our bylaws and understand our structure, strategic plan, policies, and our impact……

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Please contact Jane at if you are interested and want to know how you can apply for either of our ISPCAN Leadership positions!