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MAPChiPP International Symposium:
A free pre ISPCAN European Regional Conference Event
Multi-disciplinarity and Participation in Child Protection
– a Transnational Training Program
The Hague Institute for Global Justice (Netherlands), 30 September 2017
Strengthening multi-disciplinary working and the participation of children, parents and other family member is at the core of improving child protection policy and practice across Europe and beyond.
When professionals and institutions work collaboratively in the sensitive field of family life and share a focus on each child’s development the participation of children, parents and other family members increasingly gains in importance.
In an EU funded project partners and associate partners from eight EU member states brought together their expertise and experiences and developed a train-the-trainer program: Multi disciplinary Assessment and Participation of Children in Child Protection Procedures – MAPChiPP.
The MAPChiPP International Symposium will describe the program and the promising evaluation of seminars held in eight European countries using the same materials. Participants in this symposium will gain free access to the training materials.
Date and time
Saturday, 30 September 2017, 13:30 to 17:30. Reception with lunch snack starting at 12:30.
The Hague Institute for Global Justice (Sophialaan 10, 2514 JR The Hague, Netherlands)
Marianne Berger, Netherlands; Maria Herczog, Hungary; Helen Karu, Estonia; Thomas Meysen, Germany; Stephen Pizzey, United Kingdom
Discount on ISPCAN European Regional Conference Registration
We recommend participants of the MAPChiPP International Symposium to also attend the 15th ISPCAN European Regional Conference held in The Hague October 1-4, 2017. Attendees of the MAPChiPP International Symposium may receive a 20% discount on the conference registration. Please contact us at [email protected]
Registration and further information
Registrations are welcome via email. Please write to [email protected] For further information about the MAPChiPP International Symposium and the project in general please visit our website at www.mapchipp.com.