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ISPCAN developed its Child Abuse Screening Tools (ICAST) to understand the epidemiology of child abuse and neglect from three perspectives: child, parent, and youth retrospective. However, a barrier to using ICAST in settings with limited financial resources has been the complexity of building a database for tracking survey responses and easily analyzing survey results. Now, former ISPCAN Councilor Dr. Desmond Runyan and Logan Stec, a recent graduate of the Colorado School of Public Health, have helped solve this problem by creating electronic templates for all three ICAST instruments with Epi Info, a free and intuitive database management and analysis software system developed by the Centers for Disease Control. Epi Info allows researchers to manipulate the instruments for cultural relevancy and gather data on mobile phones and tablets as well as computers.

In this webinar, Ms. Stec, whose expertise is in public health epidemiology, data management, and disease surveillance, will guide attendees through the features of the electronic ICAST tools and show how to use them to better collect and use child abuse data as well as inform child protection policies and programs. At the end of her demonstration, Ms. Stec will also answer any questions attendees have.