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In recognition of Child Abuse Prevention Month, we are pleased to co-host this webinar on child psychological maltreatment (PM) with the American Professional Society on Abuse of Children (APSAC). APSAC definess PM as “a repeated pattern and/or extreme incident(s) of caretaker behavior that thwart the child’s basic psychological needs and convey to a child that he or she is worthless, defective, damaged goods, unloved, unwanted, endangered, primarily useful in meeting another’s needs, and/or expendable.” 

PM is a widespread problem that is seriously damaging to people and society, and has been throughout history. It is associated with/embedded in every other form of maltreatment, none of which are likely to be adequately prevented, treated, or corrected unless the PM components are understood and addressed. This webinar presents PM fundamentals, including its nature, forms, impact, and possibilities for intervention. For more information on the topic, you can read APSAC’s Practice Guidelines: The Investigation and Determination of Suspected Psychological Maltreatment of Children and Adolescents

Our three distinguished APSAC presenters are leading experts in the field of child abuse and neglect:

Stuart N. Hart, PhD, is Deputy Director of the International Institute for Child Rights and Development (IICRD), Victoria, BC, Canada, and Professor Emeritus, School of Education, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. Dr. Hart is a licensed psychologist, Fellow of the American Psychological Association, and Co-Chair of the Task Force on Psychological Maltreatment of the American Professional Society on Abuse of Children.


Marla R. Brassard, PhD, Professor in the School Psychology Program at Teachers College, Columbia University, has for 37 years focused her research on psychological maltreatment (PM) of children by parents, teachers, and peers. She has co-authored four books, two on PM, many articles/chapters, co-wrote the Guidelines for the Psychosocial Evaluation of Suspected Psychological Maltreatment (APSAC, 1995; 2017), and is an expert witness in capital and custody cases involving psychological maltreatment.


Amy J. L. Baker, PhD, is the director of research at the Fontana Center for Child Protection of the New York Foundling. She has a Ph.D. in developmental psychology from Teachers College of Columbia University and is the author or co-author of eight books and more than 100 articles. Her areas of expertise include mental health needs of children in foster care, psychological maltreatment, and children of divorce.


In recognition of Child Abuse Prevention Month, ISPCAN is offering this webinar FREE for members as well as non-members. 

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