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ISPCAN 2018 “Child Protection in the Changing World”

The ISPCAN XXII International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect will be held in Prague, Czech Republic on 2 – 5 September 2018.

About the Congress

As the only global multi-disciplinary conference that brings together professionals in the child welfare arena, the ISPCAN Congress is considered a premier event by child welfare workers internationally. We anticipate that the Congress will draw around 1,000 delegates from both developed and developing nations.

Congress Chairs: Rajeev Seth / Radek Ptacek

Scientific: Des Runyan & Joan van Niekerk /

Edel Sanders <[email protected]>,

Jiri Raboch [email protected]


ISPCAN Awards Committee: Joan van Niekerk (no local)

Finance: Jenny Gray & Tufail Muhammad /

Pavel Sušák ([email protected]),

Terezie Pemova ([email protected])


Master Class: Myriam Caranzano & Martin Finkel / 

Pazlarová, Hana <[email protected]>,

 Oldrich Matousek  <[email protected]>


Countries in Transition : Vicky Lidchi & Maha Muneef /

Jana Zapletalová ([email protected]),

Petra Dolakova ([email protected]))


Youth Committee: Yanghee Lee & Sue Foley /

Martina Cirbusova ([email protected])


Sponsorship & Marketing : Peter vander Linden & Lucia ca Williams /

 Terezie Pemová ([email protected]),

 Martina Vnukova ([email protected])