We believe in taking a stand on issues that impact the world’s children

No one institution, organization or government can tackle critical issues in isolation; it is only through working in partnership that we can work towards eradicating violence against children. ISPCAN brings together the country, regional and global organizations with the influence, expertise and resources required to transform how child abuse and neglect is prevented worldwide.  By taking a public stand on key issues, we strive to deliver real change through a broad coalition of dedicated multidisciplinary partners dedicated to the protection of children everywhere.  

Protect and Mitigate Harm to Children Impacted by Armed Conflict

ISPCAN together with the International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health have started a petition to protect children in the middle of armed conflict. We hope you will join us.  Innocent children and families are at risk.  Our hearts are with Ukraine and the many war-torn areas affected by violence.

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ISPCAN Statement Condemning Violence Against Children During Civil Unrest

ISPCAN is deeply concerned over the growing number of allegations of ill treatment, detention, and killing of children in various countries around the world which are experiencing social and political unrest and crises related to migration, asylum, and violent extremism, and unlawful seizure of property.

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The Role of Child Health Professionals and Organizations in Achieving Climate Justice

The climate crisis is a child rights crisis. As such, it is critically important that a child rights-based approach be utilized to advance all elements of the response to the climate crisis on children. The principles, standards and norms of child rights, social justice and equity provide a blueprint, tools and metrics to frame the response to the effects of climate change on children.

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It is critical that we bring voice to the world’s most vulnerable children.  Collectively we must work together to bring Child Abuse issues to the fore front.  We would like to join you in your advocacy work.  Please complete the form below to bring your issues forward and allow us to partner with you in your cause.

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