ISPCAN believes that effective and sustainable CAN prevention can be achieved through education and professional cooperation with global like-minded organizations working together to reach our common goals to protect children from all forms of abuse and neglect in all corners of the world


Benefits for an ISPCAN International Partner

Affiliation with our ISPCAN network of diverse experts and key influencers across multiple disciplines

Promotion of your organization and events by ISPCAN and opportunities for event co-sponsorship

Your LOGO listed on our website, in our Annual Report and in Congress materials

Opportunity to contribute to our newsletter, World Perspectives on Child Abuse, and other publications

Priority attendance at out International Congresses and other high-profile events providing an opportunity to learn from key note speakers and global experts

Requirements for ISPCAN International Partners

  Global in scope of work

  Primarily focused on child abuse and neglect prevention/treatment work

  Registered organization for 2 years or an established organization for 3 years

  Constitution for organization or Articles of Incorporation

  Child-Safeguarding policies in place for all members of the organization

Demonstrate the highest integrity in all business practices, policies and procedures

ISPCAN’s expectations for a International Partner

Share experiences, research, and resources to augment efforts at the global level to end child maltreatment

Highlight ISPCAN events to the organization’s communication channels

Engage with others on the ISPCAN Global Network Page

Contribute expertise to ISPCAN Congresses, webinars and resource library

Share the organization’s expert insight, data, analysis and advise

Consider Joint projects, capacity building and funding opportunities with ISPCAN

ISPCAN International Partners

International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children 

Arigatou International

World Health Organization

IMPACT of ISPCAN – Statements from Together for Girls

Through partnering with ISPCAN, Together for Girls has gained access to critical knowledge and resources that have contributed to our work of preventing sexual violence against children. It has also provided us with a platform to share VACS data and evidence-based solutions with a wide global audience, furthering our collective violence prevention efforts.

Together for Girls


ISPCAN has always provided a unique space for organizations like the Office of the Children’s Advocate, which is a Commission of the Jamaican Parliament, to partner and further our work through access to various resources that treat with a variety of perspectives on child abuse and best interest principles and ISPCAN enhances our ability to create meaningful and effective solutions to protect children.  Together we have been able to reach a broader and more diverse audience.

Diahann Gordon Harrison – Children’s Advocate of Jamaica & National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons

International Pediatric Association

International Society for Social Pediatrics & Child Health 


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Together for Girls


IMPACT of ISPCAN –  Plan International

ISPCAN provides a unique space for organizations like Plan International to partner and further our work in identifying, pioneering and sustaining solutions to child abuse. Specific areas of collaboration and cross-learning include focus on strengthening Child Protection systems, particularly CP services at different levels. Innovations are also invited to further explore and apply gender dimensions of child protection, including gender-sensitive policies, gender-responsive services and gender-transformative systems in general. Together we have been able to reach a broader and more diverse audience.

Raša Sekulović  Regional Head of Child Protection and Partnerships Plan International Asia Pacific Regional Hub


IMPACT of ISPCAN  – Arigatou International

Arigatou International deeply appreciates its relationship with ISPCAN, which provides a unique platform to further promote interfaith solutions to protect all children from all violence.  Thanks to our collaboration with ISPCAN, we are able to reach and engage a broader and more diverse audience to achieve our mission.  

By Rebeca Rios-Kohn, Director, Arigatou International – New York

The Alliance for Child Protection

The Global Partnerships to End Violence

World Vision

Child Helpline International

Ecpat International

Become an ISPCAN International Partner


The ISPCAN International Partner Program brings together the global organizations with the influence, expertise and resources required to transform how child abuse and Neglect is prevented and treated worldwide.

No one institution, organization or government can tackle these issues in isolation; it is only through working in partnership that we can work towards eradicating these issues.   International Partner collaboration is the key to deliver real change because a broad coalition of dedicated multidisciplinary partners is essential to the protection of children everywhere.