The Centre for Sport and Human Rights – 2018 Sporting Chance Principles on Sport and Human Rights -Sport relies on a rules-based system, fair play, respect and the courage, cohesion, support and goodwill of society in all its facets, including athletes, fans, workers, volunteers and local communities, as well as governments, businesses large and small, the media and sports bodies. The foundational principles of the world’s preeminent sports bodies speak to universal humanitarian values, harmony among nations, solidarity and fair play, the preservation of human dignity, and commitment to non-discrimination. These values have much in common with international human rights instruments, principles and standards.

Recognizing that there is a generation of work to be done to fully align the world of sport with the fundamental principles of human dignity, human rights, and labor rights; the Advisory Council of the Centre for Sport and Human Rights are committed to working towards the fulfillment of these Sporting Chance Principles.

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