Holly Malcolm, Global Memberships & Marketing Manager

Holly is a community activist and was most recently an active board member of the Littleton Public Schools (LPS) mental health foundation supporting her local school district.  She has a passion for children, and has dedicated her volunteerism over the past 20 years to children with special needs, foster children and ensuring access to equitable education.  She grew up in a small town, and has enormous compassion for children and communities who are under-served.  Holly has extensive sales and marketing experience, having worked as a licensed Realtor in residential real estate for the past 12 years. Her strengths as a creative analyzer, negotiator, marketer and problem solver will be an asset to ISPCAN’s membership program. She is an excellent listener and communicator with experience working with people of all backgrounds and nationalities. Holly also worked as a Sales Representative in the Medical Publishing industry for 6 years with Harcourt Health Sciences while living in Austin Texas, working closely with faculty in the Nursing and Medical Schools. She has a background in nursing, and started her career in the medical field at St. Francis Hospital in Wichita Kansas. She has a bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences from Kansas State and a bachelor’s of nursing from Wichita State University.

She lives with her husband, 15 year old twins and 2 dogs.  They are an avid sports family and enjoy participating and competing in any sport thrown at them.