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    Thank you for visiting the page of the Working Group on Corporal Punishment and Positive Parenting! Below is a letter of welcome from the group’s convener, Dr. Naeem Zafar.

    Dear ISPCAN Friend,

    Greetings from ISPCAN.

    Please allow me to introduce our ISPCAN Working Group on Corporal Punishment and Positive Parenting re this mail. ISPCAN has formulated a number of working groups including a ‘Working Group on Corporal Punishment and Positive Parenting’ with an aim to involve our members and other distinguished experts to talk about the importance of Promoting Positive Parenting as an intervention for better rearing of our young ones as opposed to indulging into corporal punishment which can harm them physically and psychologically. Those of us who work with children can bear testimony to the fact that good parenting can play an extremely positive role in nurturing the potentials of a young soul. However, we all know that there are still a lot of misconceptions about positive disciplining, corporal punishment and parental (especially paternal) responsibilities. Similarly, there are a lot of cultural difference among different geographical, socio-political and religious groups on the best parenting models.

    This Working Group plans to look closely at different methods adopted by different communities to raise a child into becoming a useful member of the society and to assess these methods with a lens of scientific research as well as practice.

    We welcome members and nonmembers to join the conversation about Corporal Punishment and Positive Parenting by subscribing to this page, submitting a resource or helpful link, or posting a comment or question in this Forum. We welcome participants from all disciplines and with varied experiences. We will also welcome if you can contribute to any scientific body of knowledge or wish to start a research project. For all of this you may post your comments or queries through the Forum. In time, we expect this page to become a source of scientific reference. Please feel free to invite other colleagues and friends to join our community.

    We will also meet online on GoToMeeting on specific dates and times announced on the website and through email. Please let us know whether you will be attending the ISPCAN International Congress in Muscat Oman on 15-17 September 2019. We plan to hold a face-to-face meeting in one of the breaks during the congress.

    As Convener of the Working Group on Corporal Punishment and Positive Parenting, I welcome you on board and hope that with your continued involvement we will be able to make this world a better place for our young ones.

    Kind Regards,

    Dr. Naeem Zafar
    Head, Child Rights Department, University of Lahore (CRD-UOL)
    President, Protection and Help of Children Against Abuse and Neglect (PAHCHAAN)
    Convener, Child Rights Committee, Pakistan Pediatric Association (CRC-PPA)
    Executive Council Member, International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN)
    Convener, South Asia Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (SAPCAN)
    Member Board of Governors, Punjab Welfare Trust for the Disabled (PWTD)
    Co-Chair Punjab, National Action Coordination Group-South Asia Initiative to end Violence Against Children (NACG-SAIEVAC) a SAARC body

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