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    Hello All, I am a Youth Development Director, working for a sports organisation in Ireland. My interests lie in ensuring we provide opportunities for young people to voice their views in sport i.e. how we do this, how adults respond, and how we make the sport environment the safest for young people to participate. I am also interested in why young people participate in sport, especially (and this does depend on your definition of sport) why young people return to competitive clubs where the percentage of athletes that achieve a winning rostrum is minuscule compared to the numbers who continue to participate! It is this continued involvement that I find intriguing.
    My interest in joining this Working Group is to gather current thinking, ideas and other views on Youth Participation. Professionally my work falls between child protection and child welfare; young people participate in sport for a variety of reasons and we see them because of this, not because they are experiencing or have experienced adversity. However we may become aware of adversity in a child’s life through their involvement in sport; and my priority is ensuring the welfare of young people is foremost is their sport. By understanding the theories/practices of child protections, and young people in adverse environments I hope to better provide that safest world in sport.
    My work centres around ensuring our safeguarding policies are fit for purpose, create a safe sporting environment and developing and running programmes for young people in sport – e.g. a leadership programme, developing methods for ending with young people, creating an award for young people that doesn’t involve achieving performance (in sport). If anyone is interested in any of these programme I would be happy to post.
    I look forward to collaboration and hearing about others in the group.
    Talk soon, Kate

    Jane EstesJane Estes
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    Dear Katie! Our most sincere welcome to the Youth Participation Working Group. We look forward to you input into the formation of the goals and measurements of success for this group. Based on your area of interest, we would also love for you to join our Working group on Child Protection in Sports at: Both groups are in their formation process currently and we welcome your participation.

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    Dear Katie,
    Welcome to our Youth Participation Working Group in development and you are one of our earliest participants! Sports are so crucial in the development and lives of children and youth and they need to have a safe space and we need the children & youth to advise us on this. I also encourage you to join and participate in the Safety in Sports Working Group.
    FYI I am sharing an abstract & presentation details from our ISPCAN Congress in Jamaica December 2018 which I hope you will find useful for further networks:
    Protecting children (and adult athletes) from violence in sport has become an area of global interest in the wake of numerous high profile cases of sexual and physical violence. The ability of organizations and communities to address social issues, including child protection, through sport has become an important contribution to voluntary and statutory agency efforts to prevent violence to children, enhance their physical and mental well-being and to build their resilience. This symposium will share the most recent global developments in safeguarding and child protection in and through sport and provide local context on the development and implementation of good practice.
    Anne Tiivas’ paper will provide an overview of current international developments in research, policy and practice.
    Mark Mungal’s paper will cover the CSDA’s ‘Safe Stamp’ project in the Caribbean, building on local and global expertise to create a framework to institutionalize safeguarding in the region. Mark will describe the learning from this project and next steps for child protection in and through sport in the Caribbean.
    Susan Greinig will describe the background to the IOC’s approach, its relevance for talented and elite young athletes and how this work can be developed in partnership with NOCs, National and International Federations.
    Malia Arrington’s paper will share the USOC’s approach to reforming the governance of sport in response to Congressional (and public) pressure to address sex abuse scandals in the US.
    Jason Roberts will share CONCACAF’s approach to making sport safer for children involved in football programmes across forty-one (41) member associations.
    Brian Lewis will share the realities of implementing global and regional strategies and the implications for successful impact at the local level through his work as President of the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee and work with SIGA.
    Biography – Ms. Sandi Kirby – Safe Sport International Biography – Mrs. Malia Arrington – U.S. Center for Safe Sport
    Malia Arrington currently serves as chief operating officer of the U.S. Center for SafeSport, an organization she helped charter through her work with the U.S. Olympic Committee, where she served as senior director, ethics and SafeSport. In 2012, Arrington was tasked with creating the USOC’s SafeSport initiative, which imposed safeguards and provided training and education related to emotional, physical and sexual misconduct – including bullying, hazing, harassment and abuse – throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Movement. More recently, Arrington oversaw externalization of the programme and the 2017 launch of the U.S. Center for SafeSport, which independently investigates and resolves allegations of sexual misconduct for the USOC’s 47 member national governing bodies.
    Biography – Mr. Mark Mungal – Caribbean Sport and Development Agency
    Mark Mungal is Director of the Caribbean Sport and Development Agency (CSDA) and a founding member the International Safeguarding Children in Sport Initiative that facilitated the development of the international safeguards (along with UNICEF UK, Commonwealth Secretariat, UK Sport, WomenWin, Comic Relief, Beyond Sport, International Inspiration, Right to Play, Swiss Academy for Development, NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit and Keeping Children Safe). Mark has led the introduction of CSDA’s ‘Safe Stamp’ project in the Caribbean, building on local and global expertise to create a framework to institutionalize safeguarding in the region.
    Biography – Mrs. Susan Greinig – The International Olympic Committee Susan Greinig is the Medical Programs Senior Manager for the International Olympic Committee and has worked on the development of athlete protection programs for many years. Susan is the designated Safeguarding Officer for the Olympic and Youth Olympic Games and is a key member of the IOC’s Prevention of Harassment and Abuse working group which supported the recent IOC Athlete Safeguarding Toolkit and online resources.

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