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    The issue of child labor and child molestation are becoming a big challenge in this African Region to be precisely in Nigeria and both are connected.

    In NIGERIA today most children that are supposed to be in school are been made to hawk wares on the major highways of the cities,most of these are done during school hours which also expose them to child molestation and other negative vices like drug abuse.

    Even with universal basic education programme in Nigeria underage children are been force into the harsh world of making money while their mates are in school acquiring knowledge, how can we ensure that efforts will be made to see that these children takes advantage of the opportunity of this universal basic education programme in “NIGERIA”?

    How do we educate the adults about the laws against child labor and molestation? And also letting them know the advantages of child education? Finally, ensure that this perpetrators of child labor and child molestation are be brought to book by the arms of the law?

    These are pressing issues we need to discuss in this forum and good ideas are highly welcome.

    Basil U. Anyanwu,
    International Coordinator
    Basilod Youth Care and Support Center.

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    You are raising a very important topic. I wonder if there are good examples of countries in the Region that have reduced child hawking and increased access to education? Or maybe some evidence-based programmes from countries that also have high rates of hawking among children such as India?

    Is there any data on why children are hawking in Nigeria? Is it related to poverty? Is the universal basic education system free for all? In many other countries compulsory no-fees basic education coupled with child welfare payments has drastically increased the enrolment and attendance in basic education and decreased child labour. These types of interventions require intervention at government level and thus may take years to be implemented.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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