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Registration, Membership Discounts and Scholarships


  • You are required to create a Congress account with an email, login and password in order to register for Congress.  This account email, login and password are independent from your ISPCAN member account.  

Membership Discounts

  • If your membership has recently expired or expires before the Congress, CLICK HERE to go directly to the  Congress Website to renew and register in one step and immediately receive the Congress member discount. 
  • If your membership is current through the Congress, CLICK HERE  to watch a video about how to validate membership and register on the Congress website. Note: You will need to create a Congress account and password in order to register.
  • The ISPCAN Website/ Membership system and Congress Website/Abstract/Registration systems are separate and operate independently.  Therefore, any changes made to your ISPCAN membership status on the ISPCAN Website will take 48 hours to sync with the Congress Website/Registration system.  You will need to wait 48 hours to be able to select member discount rates at registration.  If you begin the registration process on or prior to June 30, we will work closely with you and our local Prague registration team to ensure you will still receive the early bird discounted rates to accommodate for the 48 hour sync delay. 

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