Join us for the ISPCAN European International Congress

September 24-27, 2023

Edinburgh, Scotland

The 2023 ISPCAN Congress will be held under the theme Advancements in Data and Solutions for Tackling Child Abuse.

Within the last decade, we have seen large advancements in child protection research, response and prevention – from an increase in our understanding of the prevalence of child abuse and neglect through national and multicountry population-based survey efforts to increased multisectoral responses and prevention efforts. We are also witnessing a generation of rapid technological changes, and child protection systems need to respond accordingly. We need data approaches that reflect the opportunities and challenges of our new hyper-digital world and ensure we safeguard children. 

But we have a duty to do more – especially with the data that the child protection sector itself holds, which can be used and shared for the benefit of all children. High-value data held by law enforcement can help us understand offender trajectories, case management data from social services can help us further understand risk factors, child helpline data can help us understand child protection concerns from children’s perspectives. All of these data sources provide additional insights often not captured in traditional survey techniques – they tell us about violence affecting younger children, children from different population groups not normally included in research and give us data trends over time.

This congress theme will engage in the latest scientific and practice advancements. We know better use of data and practice-based learning will drive investment in the sector, shape better use of public services for safeguarding, as well as drive more insights for targeted prevention. We have an obligation to realise this ambition because children can’t wait.

We are confident that the content and sharing at this Congress will provide participants with sound lessons as well as networking opportunities that will connect you to child protection experts and learning from around the world.

We look forward to welcoming you to Edinburgh in September!

Maryam Ehsani, CEO
Maryam Ehsani, CEOScientific Co-chair, ISPCAN2023 Edinburgh
Director of Child Safe ME
Founder of Child Wellbeing Network
Prof. Deborah Fry, MPH, PhD
Prof. Deborah Fry, MPH, PhDScientific Co-Chair, ISPCAN Edinburgh2023
Chair of International Child Protection Research
Data Director, Childlight – Global Child Safety Institute

Advancements in Data and Solutions for Tackling Child Abuse

Understanding the prevalence and nature of Child abuse: how it is changing, new trends, and post COVID fallout

Law enforcement, legal and justice data and responses

Advancements in data and learning to tackle online violence against children

Systems of care: Collaborative working models and promising practice

What Works: Response, practice and prevention efforts


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