Founded in 1990, FAPMI works to promote the good treatment of children and the prevention, detection, accusation, and intervention of any situation of mistreatment that affects children, adolescents, and their families. Our work includes the creation of more than 170 national and regional programs, including research projects, reports, conventions, and trainings.
Our work: The Federation and its institutional members have created more than 170 national and regional programs and projects including research and reports regarding prevention, detection and intervention on cases of Child Mistreatment and promotion of Well-being and Good Treatment of Children and Adolescents. FAPMI forms part of the Spanish Observatory on Childhood and is a full member of various Groups of Work and National Commissions. The Federation was co-founder and has a chair in the Directive Board of the Spanish Platform of Childhood. Since its beginning until today, it has organized 10 State Conventions of Child Mistreatment and managed the National Training Program in Prevention and Intervention in Child Mistreatment and the National Campaigns for the Prevention of Child Mistreatment, all of them in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Policy. Since January 2012, FAPMI has been the Local Representative of The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism and takes part in the design, follow-up and evaluation of the National Strategic Plan of Children and Adolescents and the National Plan against the Sexual Exploitation of Children, in its different editions.