Over the years, ISPCAN has responded to the needs expressed by its regional partners with the goal of developing and disseminating culturally appropriate/multilingual training materials and curricula.  ISPCAN has established regional resource centers in four major regions of the world to help us bring additional bandwidth and information to our members in these areas.

Many regions of the world have unique cultural and religious practices, as well as language barriers which require resources to be translated. Our goal is to reduce the isolation and lack of resources in remote regions, as well as increase the knowledge around culturally sensitive issues that impact child maltreatment.

We partner with ChildLine in South Africa, and CeVioF (Centro de violencia Familiar) through its project PROCAPI (Proyecto de Capacitación en Temas de Maltrato y Abuso Infantil), and University of Patagonia, San Juan Bosco to develop and maintain the Africa and South American Regional Resource Centers. In the Arab region, we are working with the National Family Safety Program in Riyadh, while in the Asian region, we partner with the Indian Council for Child Welfare based in Chennai. ISPCAN’s secretariat in the United States acts as a Regional Resource Center for North America and internationally.

Each of the Regional Resource Centers have: multidisciplinary training materials for child protection professionals, evaluation tools, outreach materials, data studies and literature, and other child protection information. As funding is made available, the goal is to continue to build out the resource centers and perhaps establish additional centers in additional regions of the world.

Regional Resource Center Listings

  • Regional Resource Center in Asia

    About Our overall goal is to enhance the capacities of stakeholders (professionals) and communities working for child protection who in turn can play a vital role in understanding child maltreatment and adopt a scientific, evidence based approach for preventing, and providing therapeutic services to children abused, neglected or exploited. ISPCAN Asian online Resource Centre will […]

  • Regional Resource Center in Africa

    About Through collaborative efforts with ISPCAN, Childline South Africa acts as an African regional resource center, providing resources, trainings, and a supportive network for all those involved in child abuse and neglect prevention in Africa. 2016 Highlights The website was revamped and updated in June 2016 to enable a more attractive and more user-friendly appearance. […]

  • Regional Resource Center in Latin America (CRRAL)

    About ISPCAN recognizes the need for a center to facilitate the search for study materials and training in Spanish and Portuguese for those working in this field. CRRAL’s mission is to contribute to the dissemination of resources evaluated by specialists and / or based on evidence to strengthen the prevention, detection and intervention in child […]

  • Arab Regional Resource Center

    About The Arab Regional Resource Center aims to organizations and service professionals in the Arab region in the field of child abuse and neglect through the inclusion of knowledge sources translated and written in Arabic, serving professionals in the region. It aims that the project serve as a central point in the Arab region, working […]