Why Become a Country Partner?

ISPCAN believes that effective and sustainable CAN prevention can be achieved through education and professional cooperation with like-minded organizations and individuals. ISPCAN accepts multiple organizations from any one country as Country Partners working together to reach our goals. By sharing experiences, research, and resources, we can augment efforts at the local, national, and regional levels to end child maltreatment. Benefits of being a Country Partner include but are not limited to:

  • Affiliation with ISPCAN
  • Promotion of your organization and events by ISPCAN
  • Listing on our website, in our Annual Report, and in other publications
  • Opportunities for event co-sponsorship
  • Regional email communication
  • Communication with our members
  • Opportunity to contribute to our newsletter, World Perspectives on Child Abuse, and other publications
  • Access to the LINK newsletter and our Annual Report online
  • Subscription to Child Abuse and Neglect: The International Journal

How to Become a Country Partner

Any national, multidisciplinary organization or group of individuals working in child abuse and neglect (CAN) prevention in any country may seek to become a Country Partner of ISPCAN by written proposal if it meets all of the following criteria.

  • National (or regional) scope
  • Multidisciplinary professional membership
  • Membership organizations must be open to any professionals involved in the work of child abuse and neglect
  • Focus on child abuse and neglect prevention/treatment work
  • Registered organization for 2 years or an established organization for 3 years
  • Letters of Recommendation by 2 organizations or individuals within the country that are familiar with your work
  • Constitution for organization or Articles of Incorporation
  • Have at least 3 ISPCAN members within organization – the payment of 3 memberships is the price to be a country partner. There are no other fees.

Our full Council votes on Country Partner applications, following evaluation by the Membership and Marketing Committee. To renew the partnership, each Country Partner will pay membership dues for three people in its organization at the beginning of each year. All Partners will be evaluated on a biannual basis, ensuring Partners still meet the criteria listed above. Any Partners who lose status may reapply once all criteria are met, requiring another vote from the Council.

Country Partners must fill out completely and sign an application, agreeing to the terms. If there are questions on the applications, organizations may be asked to supply additional information. Organizations will be informed of the final decision.

NOTE: We accept multiple organizations from any one country.

Click here for Country Partner application