Dear Members,

We would like to take the opportunity to congratulate our newly elected Councilors and Officers for the 2018-20 term. The Council and Secretariat are entrusted by members to conduct ISPCAN business and take the organization’s mission forward.

If you are interested in following the work of the committees or have some skills or interests that would benefit ISPCAN please let the committee chairs and secretariat lead staff know.  Members are the third prong that makes ISPCAN successful and we are always looking for new ideas and ways for members to contribute.

Each of the 4 Core Committees that work within ISPCAN are listed below.  Additionally we have working groups around key subject areas to bring together resources and expertise for which we have set up forums for members to contribute to the discussion.  Our goal is to create learning communities that actively engage between congresses to discuss cases, share resources, and collaborate.  In 2019, we plan to add more resources and regional pages on our website, as well as expand our library with key topics of interest, bring more conferences to regions, focus more on advocacy and fundraising so we can offer more scholarships and mentorship opportunities.  Youth participation is also a key focus area for ISPCAN, to continue to bridge youth forums with our youth council in a more active and meaningful way. We have a lot of great plans and hope you engage with us often, get the support you need, and network with supportive professionals all over the world to elevate your career.

We sincerely thank you for your membership and for all you do to protect children from violence and neglect.

Thank you,
Tufail Muhammad, President
Pragathi Tummala, Executive Director


  • Partner with other like-minded organizations
  • Seek funding and work to approach regional and international funders such as Oak Foundation and other major funders
  • Initiate and facilitate solvent and on going funding strategies engaging all Council to ensure long term financial stability for ISPCAN
  • Consult with programs and serve as experts with UN agencies, international organizations and private corporations
  • Develop strategic MOU’s that might also deliver financial support to ISPCAN
  • Develop innovative media tools and templates for funders
  • Sustain key partner relations including Country Partners

Kevin Lalor (Chair)  and Jane Estes (Secretariat), Martin A Finkel (Treasurer), Bernard Gerbaka (Past President), John Fluke, Esmah Lahlah


  • Build and expand individual group and partner membership
  • Recruit members from all disciplines and regions
  • Strategically approach and review new applicants for ISPCAN National Affiliates and Country Partners
  • Execute, market and promote membership drives.
  • Increase membership value by improving member benefits and the ISPCAN website
  • Increase member engagement
  • Increase attendance at membership meetings and the ISPCAN conference and congress booths
  • Market ISPCAN and ISPCAN events, conferences and congresses
  • Engage and provide ongoing support to ISPCAN Regional Resource Centers
  • Manage distribution of The Journal
  • Contribute to negotiations for the selection and appointment of the editor of The Journal
  • Support and advise the editor of The Journal
  • Publish and circulate The Link, the ISPCAN newsletter

Maha Al-Muneef (Chair), Holly Malcolm (Secretariat), Franziska Meinck, Rajeev Seth (Pres Elect), Tufail Muhammad (President)


  • Develop, expand and manage the state-of-the-art ISPCAN knowledge base
  • Develop, expand and manage the ISPCAN online learning platform (ISPCAN Academy)
  • Develop and manage the ISPCAN Multidisciplinary basic and intermediate Child Maltreatment Curriculum
  • Develop and manage the directory of ISPCAN regional and topical expert trainers
  • Schedule Mini-Conferences
  • Certify ISPCAN training
  • Host Webinars
  • Provide templates for professional use in the field
  • Manage the publication of the ISPCAN Thinking Space Report (chaired by President-Elect)

Figen Sahin Dagli (Chair), Heather Hein (Secretariat), Victoria Lidchi (Secretary), Yanghee Lee, Peter van der Linden, Jordan Greenbaum


  • Solicit, analyze and award bids for ISPCAN congresses
  • Manage all aspects of conferences and congresses in order to meet or exceed financial and delegate needs
  • Provide congress legacy reports that arise from these events
  • Identify, implement and document best practices for the bidding, planning and execution of ISPCAN congresses
  • Guide and oversee conference planning committees
  • Assist in allocating congress scholarships

Myriam Caranzano (Chair), Pragathi Tummala (Secretariat), Fuijko Yamada, Naeem Zafar, Lucia Williams, Sue Bennett

Working Groups: In line with our new strategic direction, there are also specific Working Groups to address focused interests or emergent issues. Members are welcome to join.  Please see specific working group webpages under the tab Global Connect.
1. Data Collection on Child Maltreatment and ICAST
2. Child Death Review: public health practice of unexplained child deaths in a systematic review
3. Child and Youth participation
4. Child Sexual Abuse, Exploitation and Trafficking5. Child Neglect6. Corporal Punishment and Positive Parenting7. Bullying and Cyber Safety
8. Children with Special Needs and Disabilities
9. Refugee and Migrant ChildrenIf you have resources or information to add to the ISPCAN library on any of these topics in any language, please contact [email protected]