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Co-Host an ISPCAN Conference

ISPCAN conferences unite international professionals working to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect by sharing ideas which inspire new thinking and innovation.

Genuine progress is made by connecting people with a common cause and uniting them behind a clear and compelling purpose; to share research findings, identify effective treatment, raise funding, advocate for child abuse issues, generate momentum for a public health campaigns or accelerate social, legal and political change within a country.  No matter what region you are from, there is something to learn and something to share with others working in this highly specialized field of child abuse and neglect prevention.


ISPCAN receives multiple bids for each congress and conference.  All conferences and congresses require that there be a local child abuse and neglect partner that ISPCAN will partner with to organize the event. This group is drawn from professionals in the child welfare community and made up of medical, university, government, NGO, and other related groups. We expect the local child abuse and neglect (CAN) organization to focus on the scientific side of the program and be supported by the local convention bureau who will assist with the business side of sponsorships, business & community engagement, marketing, budgeting, PCO selection and all other logistical matters including assisting with the bid proposal.

Working together, the local CAN organization and the convention bureau will officially submit the Expression of Interest (EOI) and full bid proposal to host the event.

Step 1

Complete an Expression of Interest document and submit it to ISPCAN for the event type you are interested in.  The forms can be found in the section below that describes the various options for conferences available.  Mini-conferences are the only events that do not require a full bid after the Expression of Interest.

Step 2

The Expression of Interest will be reviewed by the Conference and Congress Committee, and they will decide within one week whether to request a full bid.  The bid is a competitive process and we choose one site per region for each calendar year.

Step 3

If a full bid is requested, we will work with you to assist you in developing the strongest bid possible and in developing the budget. The request for a bid does not constitute any type of guarantee of award, as there may be multiple bid applications that are being considered.

Mini Conference

Mini Conferences are 1-2 day specialized training for small groups of 50-100 on one topic of interest. Co-Host with ISCPAN to bring a Mini Conference to your community.  You select the topic, identify the audience and confirm donated space. ISPCAN provides the expert trainer and takes care of the rest. Topics can range on anything from positive parenting, child sexual abuse, neglect, or any topic that you need expert guidance on and they can also be targeted for specific disciplines.  . Trainings will be recorded.  A sponsor can be identified by the regional organizer to help cover the basic costs for the trainer or a nominal ticket can be charged.  The Mini Conference Co-Host must be an ISPCAN member to submit an Expression of Interest.

Submit an Expression of Interest

Regional Conferences

Regional Conferences are attended by delegates from about 80 countries, and gather 200-500 professionals to your city for 5 days to collaborate to improve child protection and create a legacy of support for professionals your region.  International experts and world-renowned Keynote Speakers bring global perspectives and best practices to spark innovation in child abuse and neglect prevention for your local communities. Local CAN partners must be co-hosts with us and partner with their local convention bureau to work together to bring a legacy of child protection to the region.  The main difference is that regional conferences are held in each region once a year, and may have slightly more focus on regional issues and whereas congresses rotate regions and are held every 2 years.  The financial models vary and are described in the RFP in detail.

Submit an Expression of Interest

International Congress

Congresses are held every 2 years and alternate between all regions, bringing together 700- 1000 or more child abuse and neglect professionals from around the world to collaborate, create a legacy of support and work toward a future free of all violence against children.  Like the regional conference, the program includes 2 days of pre-conference workshops/forums and 3 days of scientific presentations including  Core Competency Courses. Local child abuse and neglect prevention organizations partner with their local Convention and Visitors’ Bureaus to share responsibility for planning, marketing and delivering a successful, prestigious ISPCAN Congress while showcasing your beautiful city and region.   Between sponsorships, support and cost management, the financial models can vary and are all outlined in the RFP (Request for proposal) below.

Submit an Expression of Interest


  • North America
  • South America & Caribbean
  • Middle East
  • Australia
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Europe

Once the EOI is reviewed and found to be complete, and the Committee can request a full bid.    Full bid proposals are submitted jointly by the local Convention and Visitors Bureau and a local child protection association, hospital, non-profit, business, ministry, institute, agency, university department (medicine, psychology, psychiatry, social work, law, or criminal justice) or another organization dedicated to protecting children from abuse and neglect.

If you are interested in learning more, please set up a call with us to go over the process so we can help you at every step.  Please use the ISPCAN bid template, include all proposal requirements and submit the final proposal by the timeline below to Pragathi Tummala, Executive Director at  Breakeven budgets with cost controls must be created for 40% of the anticipated attendance for a regional conference and 650 for a congress.  For general questions or inquiries, please email Abby Sweeney, Global Marketing and Congress Manager at

The bid is a competitive process and we choose one site per region for each calendar year.  For those sites not selected for their first choice in dates but who put forth a strong bid, alternate options for dates/years will be offered.  ISPCAN will consult with you at every step of the process to ensure your success. 


Request for Proposal
Budget Template
Conference Manual




Regional Conference Bids

Regional conferences are awarded and scheduled on a rolling, ongoing basis.  Regional conference bids are due a minimum of 9 months prior to proposed dates to allow for adequate planning.  However, the earlier the submission, the better chance to schedule the conference for your preferred dates.  ISPCAN is currently accepting bid proposals for 2019 (not Middle East), 2020 (not Middle East) and 2021 Regional Conferences.

International Congress Bids

International Congress bides are due a minimum of 28 months prior to proposed dates to allow for adequate planning time.  ISPCAN is currently accepting bid proposals for 2022 (not Europe or Australia) and 2024 (not Australia) International Congresses.