Child Abuse and Neglect: The International Journal

December 2019 – Table of Contents

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Research Articles
From care to education and work? Education and employment trajectories in early adulthood by children in out-of- home care
Antti Kääriälä, Pasi Haapakorva, Elina Pekkarinen, Reijo Sund

The mental health and wellbeing of Unaccompanied Refugee Minors (URMs)
Martha von Werthern, Georgios Grigorakis, Eileen Vizard

Examining the link between emotional childhood abuse and social relationships in midlife: The moderating role of the oxytocin receptor gene
Ashley M. Ebbert, Frank J. Infurna, Suniya S. Luthar, Kathryn Lemery-Chalfant, William R. Corbin

Exposure to intimate partner violence and internalizing symptoms: The moderating effects of positive relationships with pets and animal cruelty exposure
Roxanne D. Hawkins, Shelby Elaine McDonald, Kelly O’Connor, Angela Matijczak, … James Herbert Williams

Associations between childhood maltreatment latent classes and eating disorder symptoms in a nationally representative sample of young adults in the United States
Vivienne M. Hazzard, Katherine W. Bauer, Bhramar Mukherjee, Alison L. Miller, Kendrin R. Sonneville

The role of complex posttraumatic stress symptoms in the association between exposure to traumatic events and severity of intimate partner violence
Ohad Gilbar, Rachel Dekel, Philip Hyland, Marylene Cloitre

Experiences of fatherhood among men who were sexually abused in childhood
Jean O’Brien, Mary Creaner, Elizabeth Nixon

Detecting substance-related problems in narrative investigation summaries of child abuse and neglect using text mining and machine learning
Brian E. Perron, Bryan G. Victor, Gregory Bushman, Andrew Moore, … Emily K. Piellusch

Adverse experiences in early childhood and their longitudinal impact on later behavioral problems of children living in poverty
Jeong-Kyun Choi, Dan Wang, Aurora P. Jackson

Suicidality among young adults: Unique and cumulative roles of 14 different adverse childhood experiences
Yan-Rong Wang, Ji-Wei Sun, Ping-Zhen Lin, Hui-Hui Zhang, … Feng-Lin Cao

The child sexual behavior inventory: Reliability and validity in a Dutch normative and clinical sample
Caroline S. Jonkman, Eva Verlinden, David-Jan Punt, Francien Lamers-Winkelman

Criminological differences between child pornography offenders arrested in Spain
Virginia Soldino, Enrique J. Carbonell-Vayá, Kathryn C. Seigfried-Spellar

Child maltreatment and attentional problems: A longitudinal birth cohort study
Melinda Boyd, Steve Kisely, Jake Najman, Ryan Mills

Parenting in the context of historical childhood trauma: An interpretive meta-synthesis
Kate Siverns, Gareth Morgan

Trends in US physician diagnosis of child physical abuse and neglect injuries, 2006–2014
Zachary P Zins, Krista K Wheeler, Farah Brink, Megan Armstrong, … Henry Xiang

Psychopathology among adult survivors of child pornography
Ateret Gewirtz-Meydan, Yael Lahav, Wendy Walsh, David Finkelhor

Violent crime against children with disabilities: A nationwide prospective birth cohort-study
Mogens Nygaard Christoffersen

Childhood abuse and community violence: Risk factors for youth violence
Daniela Porto Faus, Claudia Leite de Moraes, Michael Eduardo Reichenheim, Luciana Maria Borges da Matta Souza, Stella Regina Taquette

Co-occurrence of adverse childhood experiences and its association with family characteristics. A latent class analysis with Dutch population data
Carlijn Bussemakers, Gerbert Kraaykamp, Jochem Tolsma

Prevalence of family violence and mental health and their relation to peer victimization: A representative study of adolescent students in Southwestern Uganda
Joseph Ssenyonga, Charles Magoba Muwonge, Tobias Hecker

Development of an individualized risk calculator for poor functioning in young people victimized during childhood: A longitudinal cohort study
Rachel M. Latham, Alan J. Meehan, Louise Arseneault, Daniel Stahl, … Helen L. Fisher

Posttraumatic cognitions, childhood sexual abuse characteristics, and posttraumatic stress disorder in men who have sex with men
Gail Ironson, Calvin Fitch, Nikhil Banerjee, Emily Hylton, … Conall O’Cleirigh

Childhood maltreatment, cognitive emotion regulation strategies, and alcohol craving and dependence in alcohol-dependent males: Direct and indirect pathways
Vahid Khosravani, Seyed Mehdi Samimi Ardestani, Farangis Sharifi Bastan, Ali Mohammadzadeh, Ali Amirinezhad

Emotional and behavior problems in adopted children – The role of early adversities and adoptive parents’ regulation and behavior
Fabienne Hornfeck, Ina Bovenschen, Sabine Heene, Janin Zimmermann, … Heinz Kindler

Health care utilization pattern prior to maltreatment among children under five years of age in Taiwan
Liang-Yi Wang, Chih-Ying Wu, Yi-Hsin Chang, Tsung-Hsueh Lu

Effects of academic performance on the relationship between child maltreatment and deviant behavior: A national study in Taiwan
Yu-Chun Chang, Yi-Ting Chang, Hsin-Yi Chang, Jui-Ying Feng

A history of prolonged childhood sexual abuse is associated with more severe clinical presentation of borderline personality disorder in adolescent female inpatients – A naturalistic study
Hila Turniansky, David Ben-Dor, Amir Krivoy, Abraham Weizman, Gal Shoval

A history of prolonged childhood sexual abuse is associated with more severe clinical presentation of borderline personality disorder in adolescent female inpatients – A naturalistic study
Hila Turniansky, David Ben-Dor, Amir Krivoy, Abraham Weizman, Gal Shoval

Remembering the forgotten victims: Child-Related themes in domestic violence fatality reviews
Katherine Reif, Peter Jaffe

It all adds up: Addressing the roles of cumulative traumatic experiences on military veterans
Arielle A.J. Scoglio, Steven D. Shirk, Carolyn Mazure, Crystal L. Park, … Shane W. Kraus

Adolescent-to-Mother Psychological Aggression: The Role of Father Violence and Maternal Parenting Style
Li Zhang, Chen Cai, Zhuo Wang, Mingda Tao, … Wendy Craig

Associations between adverse childhood experiences and adversities later in life. Survey data from a high-risk Norwegian sample
Anders Dovran, Dagfinn Winje, Kjersti Arefjord, Stian Tobiassen, … Simon Øverland

Childhood maltreatment and alcohol-related problems in young adulthood: The protective role of parental warmth
Sunny H. Shin, Xiafei Wang, Susan H. Yoon, Jamie L. Cage, … Benjamin N. Montemayor

A police-led community response to Child abuse and Youth Sexual Violence and Abuse in Indigenous communities in Far North Queensland: “Speak Up. Be strong. Be Heard.”
Ann Carrington, Simone Dewar, Irina Kinchin, Yvonne Cadet-James, Komla Tsey

Adverse childhood experiences and shame- and guilt-proneness: Examining the mediating roles of interpersonal problems in a community sample
Katharine D. Wojcik, Daniel W. Cox, David Kealy

Pathways to delinquent and sex offending behavior: The role of childhood adversity and environmental context in a treatment sample of male adolescents
Kelcey L. Puszkiewicz, Jill D. Stinson

Using the Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children-Short form (TSCC-SF) on abused children in South Africa: Confirmatory factor analysis and Rasch models
Malose Makhubela

Review Articles
Perinatal mental health and risk of child maltreatment: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Susan Ayers, Rod Bond, Rebecca Webb, Pamela Miller, Karen Bateson

Discussion Articles
Assessing child abuse: “We need to talk!”
Antonia Bifulco, Adriano Schimmenti