Keynote Speakers

Karen McIntosh

Author and Activist

Board Member of Annie Ruth Hill Foundation

Karen is a graduate of Wood Tobe’-Coburn College in New York and she earned a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. Her experiences working in the fashion industry lead to a major life change; she moved from New York to Los Angeles with only $700.00 in cash and embarked on a career as a model; she traveled the globe for almost a decade. During those years, she studied acting at the Howard Fein acting school. Acting helped her realize her ability to connect with children and entertain them for hours, earning her the moniker, “Child Whisperer”. She is inventive, artistic and a visionary. She has written, produced and directed original scripts for children’s stage plays at community organizations. As a visionary artist, it’s no surprise one of her works of art has been displayed in, “The American Visionary Museum”, in Baltimore, MD.

Karen is a child advocate who is dedicated and committed to children’s rights and general community service. She serves as an officer on the board of, “The Annie Ruth Hill Foundation.” She created and presents, “Things You Can’t Tell by Just Looking at Her”, a presentation and a motivational tool to educate children about the dangers of being too trusting and signs of grooming, that goes beyond “Stranger Danger.” She has served as a volunteer for “The Boys and Girls Club of America” and is a mentor for “The Big Brother, Big Sister” Organization. She currently sponsors three children in the Dominican Republic, Rwanda, and Columbia.

Karen is an entrepreneur and her new venture is the “Swag Tag”. She also co-host’s Jam-N-Tell, a Facebook live entertainment program created specifically for the worldwide Jamaica and CARICOM. In her free time, she is aiming to finish her book, titled, “Trixie, Mitzie, and Me”.