ISPCAN 1st Caribbean Regional Conference – Youth Forum 2018-11-07T15:32:32-06:00

Youth Forum


The Youth Forum allows connects age 16-25 from different countries to discuss a topic of particular interest to them. Committee membership is by invitation only and youth committee members plan the event and determine the topic.  The day may incorporate music, art, visual displays, photography and other creative avenues for expression and communication.  The youth leadership for this activity then prepares a Plenary Presentation to share at the conference.


Human Trafficking and Sex Tourism


Exploring best practices for identifying and preventing Human Trafficking and Sex Tourism


This interactive youth forum will engage participants in creating an innovative action plan to combat trafficking and sex tourism within their local communities and respective spheres of influence.


Youth Leaders attending this Forum will examine critical issues related to the trafficking of children, with special focus on sex tourism, its prevalence and societal implications and identify preventative mechanisms to eradicate the problem. In the first segment, participants will define human trafficking and sex tourism within the Caribbean context, address challenges, successes and best practices to counter trafficking locally and regionally. The second segment will focus on identifying innovative strategies and creating an action plan geared towards combating trafficking and sex tourism within their communities and respective spheres of influence.

Learning Objectives:

Youth Leaders participating in this Forum will:

  1. Understand the various forms of Human  Trafficking and Sex Tourism
  2. Recognize the indicators of Human Trafficking and Sex Tourism
  3. Be aware of challenges, successes and best practices in combating Human Trafficking and Sex Tourism.
  4. Develop an Action Plan to counter Human Trafficking and Sex Tourism in their community.


8:30     Registration and Morning Coffee/Tea

9:00     Welcome and Opening Remarks – Dr. Esmah Lahlah and Ms. Joi Chambers, Conference Co-Chairs

9:10     Introduction to the ISPCAN Youth Forum –  Dr. Esmah Lahlah

9:20     Video Presentation on Human Trafficking

9:25     Presentations on Human Trafficing and Sex Tourism

  1.  Situational Analysis – Dr. Leith Dunn
  2. Operational Challenges and Success Case Studies – D.S.P. Carl Berry
  3. Legal Framework to counter Trafficking and Sex Tourism – Ms. Sharon Millwood-Moore

11:05    Coffee Break

11:20     Panel discussion/ Q & A Guided by Youth Moderator

12:120   Lunch

1:25       Workshop and Break Out Sessions

2:30      5 Minute Presentations to the Large Group

3:05       Workshop:  Develop Action Plans to Mitigate Problem

4:20       4 Minute Presentations on Action Plans

4:50       Plenary Preparation, Next Steps  and Closing Remarks

5:00      Adjourn