Countries in Transition Forum


Corporal Punishment


Moving Beyond Physical disciplinary Practices in the Caribbean

Overview: Join a conversation with experts from around the world working to develop and enhance child protection and welfare systems. Discuss challenges, practical experiences and best practices regarding prevention, response and treatment of child maltreatment specific to the needs of your country and region.


The aim of the Countries and Transition Forum (CIT) is to analyze the consequences of harsh physical disciplinary practices for children with particular focus in the Caribbean countries, moving beyond the controversies associated with such practices towards discussing legal, psychosocial intervention and prevention strategies which protect children from their use.

Learning Objectives:

By taking part of the Jamaica ISPCAN Conference CIT Forum participants will:

  1. Familiarize themselves with the research definitions and controversies associated with corporal punishment
  2. Analyze the use of corporal punishment in other parts of the world and in the Caribbean
  3. Identify the impact of harsh physical punishment in children
  4. Examine different legislation which protects children from harsh physical disciplinary practices
  5. Discuss possible intervention strategies to help end harsh physical disciplinary practices in children in the Caribbean


8:00     Coffee/Tea

8:30     Welcome

  • Dr. Lucia C.A. Williams, Committee Co-Chair, Professor, Psychologist, ISPCAN Councilor
  • Anika GreyCommittee Co-Chair,  Regional Project Coordinator and Gender Specialist

9:00     Presentation:  Teaching Positive Parenting to Brazilian Mothers Who Use Corporal Punishment – Dr. Lucia C. A. Williams

9:45     Presentation – Working with Parents in the Italian part of Switzerland: Difficulties in Changing Mentality Towards an Education Free From Violence –  Dr. Myriam Caranzano-Maitre

10:30   Coffee Break

10:45   Presentation:  Violence Prevention Alliance Jamaica – End Violence: Jamaica’s experience as Pathfinder Country – Dr. Elizabeth Ward

11:30    Plenary Discussion and Conclusions

12:00  Lunch

1:00     Presentation:  Violence Against and Between Children in Suriname –  Dr. Julia Terborg

1:45     Discussion

3:15     Coffee/Tea

3:30     Plenary Discussion, CIT Final Conclusions, Recommendations

5:00     Adjourn