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Montego Bay, Jamaica 

December 2-5, 2018

 Child Protection Realities Within a Changing Caribbean

 * Juvenile Justice

 * Innovative Therapy and Support

 * Human Trafficking and Sex Tourism

 * Public Health Prevention Campaigns

 * Impact of Child Abuse and Violence on Development

 * Systems of Professionalism and Accountability within the Child Protection Sector


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Child abuse and neglect takes many forms affecting all layers of society in every nation.  Child maltreatment is a universal health issues which not only inflicts harm, pain and humiliation on children leaving a legacy of suffering, it also kills.  Together we create a future where all children live and grow in nurturing, rights-respecting environments, free from abuse, neglect and other forms of violence.   Join ISPCAN for the FIRST TIME in Montego Bay, Jamaica to investigate science-based approaches to preventing child maltreatment and strengthening the work of  those committed to increasing public awareness of all forms of violence against children, developing activities to prevent such violence, and promoting the rights of children in all regions of the world.

Dr. Myriam Caranzano-Maitre
Dr. Myriam Caranzano-Maitre
Executive Director Foundation ASPI
ISPCAN Conference Chair
Dr. Diahann Gordon Harrison
Dr. Diahann Gordon Harrison
National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons
Jamaica Office of the Children’s Advocate Conference Chair