This 2018 report, by the Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group (ATMG), a coalition established in 2009 to monitor the UK’s implementation of European anti-trafficking legislation, examined the action taken in the UK since 2012 related to the prevention of human trafficking. Despite significant development in efforts to tackle the problem, the report finds that:

  • The UK continues to lack an overall strategy to prevent trafficking in adults and children;
  • This leads to an inconsistent and fragmented approach to the prevention of trafficking;
  • The UK’s lack of a strategic response means that prevention is often seen through the prism and policies of immigration and crime, hindering effective preventative action;
  • The result of this approach and the wider policies of austerity, a hostile immigration environment and the threats posed by Brexit, is that the vulnerability of adults and children to exploitation is not reduced and the UK risks contravening its positive obligation to prevent trafficking.