Chrissy Sykes

About Chrissy Sykes

Creator of "The My Body Is My Body" Programme - This is a programme that I wrote and initially presented in the USA working very closely with the Education Boards and Department of Human services in Texas, Tennessee and Florida. With the help of all these departments I presented the programme to over 350,000 children. It was received with great success. Over many years I tried to find a way to get the programme out to more children and that is where I came up with the idea animating the programme. My aim now it is completed is to translate it into several languages to that it can be seen by as many children as possible and produce training videos so that more people can use this programme to deliver Child Abuse Prevention Programmes. After selling our business 6 years ago - I have embarked on a learning experience. I have learned Logic, Final Cut Pro and learned to animate which leads me to where I am now, having produced the My Body Is My Body animated musical Child Abuse Prevention Programme. The idea of this programme is to empower children in a positive, non threatening way that their bodies are their own - and nobody has the right to hurt them or touch their private parts. The video also comes with a .pdf document to explain to parents and teachers how to use the video to encourage a channel of communication with the children. My aim is to make this programme free of charge for anyone to use, so I am looking for people to help me spread the word share the videos. If you have any ideas or could help in any way please contact me. For more information please check out the website or message me. Child Abuse Prevention....Let's do something about it !! Website: Twitter: Facebook: Youtube: LinkedIn: