We invite you to contribute to the 2022 Quebec City Congress

It is with great pleasure and honor that we invite you to the next ISPCAN Congress to be held VIRTUALLY NOW but with the flavor of Quebec City from March 28 to 30, 2022. Under the theme of “Caring Communities to Enhance Child and Family Well-being” this congress will be an opportunity for researchers, professionals, students, managers and political leaders from all over the world to come together to share their research, innovations and thoughts to improve the protection of children. Coming at the right time in a context of social upheaval which families and children often pay the price for, this congress offers a unique opportunity to discuss the work carried out by a wide range of professionals on the measures to be implemented to better prevent and protect children from maltreatment. It will also be an opportunity to give a voice to young people and First Nations in a perspective of collaborative research between countries and actors concerned with the well-being of children and families. Let us take full advantage of this event to extend our collective reflection in the superb city of Quebec!

«C’est avec un immense plaisir et honneur que nous vous convions au prochain congrès des Amériques de l’ISPCAN qui se tiendra à Québec du 28 au 30 mars 2022. Sous le thème des « Caring Communities to Enhance Child and Family Well-being » ce congrès sera l’occasion pour les chercheurs, professionnels, étudiants, gestionnaires et leader politique de partout dans le monde de se réunir pour partager leurs recherches, leurs innovations et leurs réflexions pour améliorer le sort et la protection des enfants. Arrivant à point nommé dans un contexte de chamboulement social dont les familles et les enfants en paient souvent les frais, ce congrès offre une occasion unique de discuter du travail effectué par un large éventail de professionnels sur les mesures à mettre en œuvre pour mieux prévenir la maltraitance envers les enfants. Ce sera aussi l’occasion de donner la parole aux jeunes et aux premières nations dans une perspective de recherche collaborative entre pays et acteurs concernés par le bien-être des enfants et des familles. Profitons pleinement de cet évènement pour prolonger notre réflexion collective dans la superbe ville de Québec ! »

Jordan Greenbaum, MD
Jordan Greenbaum, MDISPCAN Board Member
Medical Director, International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC)
Atlanta, Georgia USA
Marie-Ève Clément, PhD
Marie-Ève Clément, PhDProfessor, University of Quebec
Department of Psychology
Quebec City, Canada

Exordo Abstract System

Congress Themes

Submissions targeting one or more of these topics will be given priority, and submissions regarding child maltreatment and exploitation within the Aboriginal population are especially welcome.

Child protection in an era of Covid and climate change

    • focus on the Impact of Covid 19 and climate change on children and families; the impact of the pandemic and climate change on the child protection workforce; or on innovations in technology to be used in prevention and treatment during the Covid pandemic

Context, manifestations and epidemiology of child maltreatment

    •  studies and discussions regarding the dynamics and epidemiology of all types of child maltreatment

Systemic racism, bias/discrimination and marginalized communities

    • studies and discussions regarding the manifestations and impact of systemic racism, bias and discrimination within the field of child maltreatment, and strategies to promote equity, inclusion and diversity.

The intersection of technology and child maltreatment

    • studies and presentations regarding online child sexual exploitation, sexting and sextortion and cyber bullying

Child protection systems: Protection services, policy and legislation

    • focus on the child protection system and the implementation and impact of policies and legislation regarding child protection

Innovative practices for specific frontline professionals, challenges, collaborative principles and inter-sectoral practices

    • including (but not limited to) educators, child protective/social service workers, law enforcement, victim advocates, and medical and mental health professionals

Evidence-based and promising practices within the field of child maltreatment

    • outcomes studies evaluating the impact of programs and practices; presentations describing the implementation of an evidence-based practice or program, and comprehensive reviews of the evidence base supporting specific practices.

Abstract Guidelines

1. Abstracts should be 500 words or less. You can return to the system to edit until you “Submit”. Data or methods for both research and practice must be shared. Key takeaways for audience must be included.

2. Required elements for RESEARCH geared abstracts:
• Objectives
• Method
• Results
• Conclusions
• List of 3-4 recommendations or takeaway points for the audience
• Citations

3. Required Elements for PRACTICE based abstracts:
• Background/context
• Program mission
• Program activities/services
• Strengths and challenges (include any outcomes/impact data)
• Next steps
• Citations

4. Abstracts are to be submitted in English only.

5. When submitting your abstract, please select one Corresponding Author whom will assume responsibility for receiving and responding promptly to all email messages. The Corresponding Author is responsible for forwarding information to all the other authors listed on the abstract.

6. All accepted abstracts require a minimum of one author to complete registration and provide payment in full by the deadline in order to confirm inclusion in the Congress program.

7. Symposium must have a minimum of 4 Presenting Authors registered for the Congress.  All submissions MUST have: Title of the Symposia, then include the submission title of the Abstract

8. Core courses must have all attachments to be reviewed. Please make sure this is complete or they will not be considered.

9. PLEASE INCLUDE NEXT TO THE TITLE (-RESEARCH OR PRACTICE) to designate what type of abstract you are submitting.