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E-Learning Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to complete the course all at once?

No, that is not necessary. It is possible to stop in between and to continue again later. A record of your progress will be saved and stored. However, the webinars do start again each time from the beginning, but you can fast forward via the player to where you left off. When the course restarts, you will get the message “Would you like to resume where you left off?” Note: if you click No to this, you will have to follow the course again from the beginning.


Will I receive a certificate or proof of participation?

No, after completion you do not receive a certificate or proof of participation.


I am unable to move to the next page, how do I resolve this?

Check whether the question has really been completed correctly. Have all the videos been started? Are there still parts which are only accessible after scrolling, or as a sub-question, which have not yet been answered? Are there still sub-questions with no tick next to them? Each sub-question must often be rounded off by a confirmation via the OK button.


Orders and Invoicing

What is the difference between “Order at Augeo” and “Order at ISPCAN”?

These are two different ordering processes. If you order at Augeo, you go through the ordering process via an order form where you can order 1 or more courses and 1 or more licenses per course, if desired.

If you order at ISPCAN, you will be sent to the site of ISPCAN where you can view and purchase the selected product. In that case it is also possible to order more than 1 license per course at the same time. If you're an ISPCAN member, ordering through the ISPCAN site will allow you a discounted rate.

What are the payment options?

If you order at Augeo, you can only pay via an invoice which is sent to you by e-mail. If you pay via ISPCAN, you have the choice of paying by credit card or Paypal.


Ordering process at ISPCAN

I am a member of ISPCAN – can I therefore also order via the Augeo international site?

Yes, but ISPCAN members receive the courses FREE when ordering through the ISPCAN site. Log in directly with your membership details before ordering the course to receive the discount. Some courses cannot be ordered at ISPCAN; these are available at Augeo. The ordering process is then the same as for non-members.


If I click on “Order at ISPCAN”, I am sent to the ISPCAN site. Is this correct?

Yes, this is correct. These courses are available via ISPCAN and can be bought from them. If also ordering those courses not available at ISPCAN, you will have to complete two different ordering processes.


I have a question about my order at ISPCAN – what should I do?

Contact ISPCAN via

I purchased a course but don't see a link to it. How do I get to it?

Please give us at least five full business days to send the link and log in information. It will come to your email from


Ordering process at Augeo International

I wanted to receive an invoice, but I ordered with the option of no invoice, by mistake.

You can send an e-mail with the additional invoicing details to with a request for an invoice.


I have a question about my invoice – what should I do?

You can send an e-mail with your question to with a mention of your invoice number.


I am completing the order form. Why do I have to enter the number of licences for the courses that I want to order?

You can order several licenses for one course so that you can also order for other people. If you enter 1 for the numbers, then you will receive the licenses directly on your own account. If you enter a number greater than 1, before you receive the licenses, you will first receive an e-mail with the request for the e-mail addresses and names of the people for whom you are ordering. These people will then receive login details for their courses by e-mail.


I want to change something on my order – what should I do?

You can send an e-mail to


Learning Environment

If I click on a course, I have to log in. How do I obtain a login name?

The login name and password are provided via an e-mail after the course has been purchased. This e-mail is sent by, even if you have ordered via ISPCAN. This will not be the same login members use for the ISPCAN website.


I expected to receive an e-mail with login details but haven’t yet received anything – what should I do?

Check whether the e-mail has ended up in your spam box. If this is not the case, you can send an e-mail to


I am logged in, where will I find my course(s)?

Once you have logged in, on the right you will see a menu with, among other options, “my courses”. If you click here, you will see all the courses that you can follow.


How do I start up a course?

Once you have logged in, under “my courses,” you can click on the title of the course that you want to follow. You will probably have to repeat this again, after which you can start up the course by pressing the “Enter” button.


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