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Past ISPCAN Award Recipients
Every two years, at each ISPCAN International Congress, ISPCAN recognizes individuals and organizations that have made a substantial contribution to the field of preventing child maltreatment. ISPCAN would like to congratulate all of the past recipients.


2014 Recipients - Recognized at the XXth ISPCAN International Congress in Japan:

Kempe Lectureship Award – R. Kim Oates (Australia)

Distinguished Service Award - Gaby Taub (France)

Multidisciplinary Team Award (2 awardees) - The National Family Safety Program (Saudi Arabia) and Ponimanie (Republic of Belarus)

President's Award - Arnon Bentovim (England) & Andal Damodaran (India)

2012 Recipients - Recognized at the XIXth ISPCAN International Congress in Turkey: 

Kempe Lectureship Award – Dr. John Leventhal (USA)

Distinguished Career Award – Dr. Lucy Berliner (USA) 

Distinguished Service Award – Rajeev Seth (India)

Multidisciplinary Team Award - Child Helpline International (Netherlands)


2010 Recipients - Recognized at the XVIIIth ISPCAN International Congress in Hawai'i:

Kempe Lectureship Award – Dr. James Garbarino (USA) 

Distinguished Career Award – Dr. Margaret Lynch (United Kingdom) 

Distinguished Service Award – Henry Plum, JD (USA)

President's Award – Lilian Milnitsky Stein, PhD (Brazil)


2008 Recipients - Recognized at the XVIIth ISPCAN International Congress in Hong Kong:

C. Henry Kempe Award Vidya Reddy (India)

Kempe Lectureship Award – Richard D. Krugman (USA)

Distinguished Career Award (2 awardees) Lai Yun-Ho (Singapore) & Mohd. Sham Kasim (Malaysia)

Distinguished Service Award - Mary Roth (USA) 

Multidisciplinary Team (2 awardees) Center for Child Protection (Croatia) & Public Health and Medicine Development Fund of Georgia (Georgia)


2006 Recipients - Recognized at the XVIth ISPCAN International Congress in the United Kingdom:

C. Henry Kempe Award – Fuyong Jiao (China)
Kempe Lectureship Award – Jaap Doek (Netherlands)
Distinguished Career Award – Harendra de Silva (Sri Lanka)
Distinguished Service Award – Priscilla Liu (Hong Kong)
Multidisciplinary Team (2 awardees) – Nareem Zafar (Pakistan) & Bragi Budbrandsson (Iceland)
President’s Award – Jingqi Chen (China)


2004 Recipients - Recognized at the XVth ISPCAN International Congress in Australia:

C. Henry Kempe AwardHeather Taussig (USA)

Kempe Lectureship Award – Astrid Heppenstall Heger (USA)

Distinguished Service Award – Howard Levy (USA)

Multidisciplinary Team – Maria Hamela-Keller (Poland)


2002 Recipients - Recognized at the XIVth ISPCAN International Congress in Colorado, USA:

C. Henry Kempe Award – Jordan River Foundation (Jordan)

Kempe Lectureship Award – David Gough (Netherlands)

Distinguished Career Award – Kari Killen (Norway)


2000 Recipients - Recognized at the XIIIth ISPCAN International Congress in South Africa:

C. Henry Kempe Award – Patricia Ip (Hong Kong)

Kempe Lectureship Award – Margaret A. Lynch (U.K.)

Distinguished Career Award – Dr. Ruth Kempe (USA)

Distinguished Service Award – Dr. Helen Agathonos-Georgopoulou (Greece)


1998 Recipients - Recognized at the XIIth ISPCAN International Congress in New Zealand:

C. Henry Kempe Award – Indian Council for Child Welfare (India)

Kempe Lectureship Award – David Olds (USA)

Distinguished Career Award – David Chadwick (USA)

Distinguished Service Award R. Kim Oates (Australia)


1996 Recipients - Recognized at the XIth ISPCAN International Congress in Ireland:

C. Henry Kempe Award – Center for Children's Rights (Thailand)

Kempe Lectureship Award – Moncef Marzouki (Tunisia)

Distinguished Career Award Hanita Zimrin

Distinguished Service Award Margaret Lynch (U.K.)


1994 Recipients - Recognized at the Xth ISPCAN International Congress in Malaysia:

C. Henry Kempe Award – National Movement of Street Children in Brazil (Brazil)

Kempe Lectureship Award – Gracelyn Smallwood (Australia)

Distinguished Career Award (3 awardees) – Donald Bross (USA), Anne Cohn Donnelly (USA), and Jaap Doek (Netherlands)


1992 Recipients - Recognized at the IXth ISPCAN International Congress in Illinois, USA:

C. Henry Kempe Award – Paniamor (Costa Rica)

Kempe Lectureship Award – Marian Wright Edelman, Children's Defense Fund (USA)

Distinguished Career Award Ray Helfer (USA)

Distinguished Service Award Sjef Teuns


1990 Recipients - Recognized at the VIIIth ISPCAN International Congress in Germany:

C. Henry Kempe Award – New Parent-Infant Network (NEWPIN) (U.K.)

Kempe Lectureship Award – Stanslaw Tomkiewicz (France)


1988 Recipients - Recognized at the VIIth ISPCAN International Congress in Brazil:

C. Henry Kempe Award – Philista Onyango (Kenya)

Kempe Lectureship Award – Spyros Doxiadis (Greece)


1986 Recipients - Recognized at the VIth ISPCAN International Congress in Australia:

C. Henry Kempe Award – George Brown (USA)

Kempe Lectureship Award – Brandt F. Steele (USA)



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