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December 2-5, 2018

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Child Protection Realities Within A Changing Caribbean and World


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Juvenile Justice

Describe challenges and innovations regarding child appropriate justice, including processes for the management of court proceedings involving child victims and/or witnesses to prevent the violations of the rights of children and to respect their unique vulnerabilities. Define current investigative practices of law enforcement responding to situations involving child victims who must report matters to them.  Recommend ways to equip judicial systems and law enforcement professionals to meet the unique needs of children in conflict with the law and children with disabilities who must interface with the justice sector.  Examine the emergence of adoption and surrogacy in the Caribbean in the absence of surrogacy laws.  Explore the broad applicability of justice for children in these unique circumstances and how such cases are processed from a child rights perspective.

Innovative Therapy and Support

Share proven psycho-social strategies used by psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, parenting experts and survivors to build resilience move toward recovery. Recommend play and/or art therapy, music, life coaching and other strategies and interventions for assisting children experiencing abuse and neglect such as street children, children within high-conflict divorce and children navigating loss and grief.

Human Trafficking and Sex Tourism

Describe the landscape of child trafficking and sex tourism within the Caribbean, including forms of abuse, pervasiveness, impact and strategies to remedy the problem.  Utilize unique perspectives and case studies to highlight success recognizing, preventing and treating the adverse effects of child trafficking and sex tourism.

Public Health Prevention Campaigns

Discuss public education, messaging and social media campaigns and strategies designed to promote healthy practices to positively impact children within the Caribbean.

Impact of Child Abuse and Violence on Development

Identify adverse childhood experiences such as corporal punishment, bullying and gang violence occurring within homes, schools and communities within the Caribbean and around the world.  Describe the impact on development through adulthood and present viable solutions for prevention, response and treatment.

Systems of Professionalism and Accountability within the Child Protection Sector

Present effective accountability policy and practice for professionals in the child protection sector.   Describe how these systems implement checks and balance, maintain viability and overcome challenges to ensure children are properly protected, nurtured and treated.


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Dr. Leith L Dunn

Senior Lecturer, University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica

Director, Institute for Gender and Development Studies

Joan Durrant

Child Clinical Psychologist, Associate Professor of Family Social Sciences

University of Manitoba, Canada

Maureen Samms-Vaughan

Professor of Child Health, Child Development and Behavior, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Child Health

Faculty of Medical Sciences, Mona Campus, Jamaica

Julie Mansfield

Marketing Consultant,Author, “Maybe God Was Busy”

Founder, Give Me Dignity

Alessandra C. Guedes

Regional Adviser, Family Violence, Pan American Health Organization

World Health Organization

Dr. Diahann Gordon Harrison

National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons, Jamaica Office of the Children’s Advocate

ISPCAN Caribbean Conference Chair

Jacqueline Sealy-Burke

Manager, Lawyer, Educator, Mediator, Consultant, UNICEF, UN Women

Organization of Eastern Caribbean States Commission


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