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International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect

Data shows that 5 children die every day because of child abuse, while many more suffer life long consequences.  Over 1 billion children worldwide experience violence annually. For 40 years, ISPCAN has worked to reduce this preventable tragedy.   Founded by Henry Kempe in 1977, ISPCAN is the only international non profit organization that brings together the range of professionals that work toward the prevention and treatment of child abuse, neglect and exploitation. 

We support the professionals who help treat and prevent child abuse to continue to learn and share best practices as they progress in their careers.  Bringing together these highly trained individuals to create a network of learning, sharing and support is what ISPCAN is all about.   ISPCAN has continuing education resources, opportunities for you to share your research and treatments in our conferences, data collection tools, and best practices from all over the world to share.  

Become a member, volunteer, partner with us, or donate to support training in developing countries.  Each professional with the right tools may see thousands of children over their careers.  We can change entire systems of care with best practices, better laws, and coordinated care so children everywhere thrive despite this tragedy.   With better prevention in the communities and education of professionals we could stop this problem from ever happening.  

Healthy foundations for children create a lifetime of happiness and productivity for the individual and for the entire community.

Work with us to end child labor, sex trafficking, sexual abuse, and all forms of physical and emotional abuse.  It will take all of us to end neglect and violence against children around the world.

We thank our members, councilors and generous sponsors for their donations or in kind services that help support the work we do.  You make it all possible.